Experiencing good architecture together -  BERÜHRUNGSPUNKTE Friends create inspiration


Meetings shape us. That's why we are always in contact with other people who have an affinity for architecture and who give us insights into their multifaceted creative world. Whether architectural photographers or artists – we value the exchange, because it provides a new drive for our own creativity.


Encounters that inspired us:


BERÜHRUNGSPUNKTE accompanied the federal members' meeting of the Bund deutscher innenarchitekten (bdia) in Saarbrücken in 2021 with a Bar Mobil.

SchneppRenou: Goes in search of special details

Morgane Renou and Simon Schnepp, two photographers who live in Berlin and Paris and work from there all over the world. They specialise in architecture, editorial and interior series. For BERÜHRUNGSPUNKTE, the duo set out for a day. 

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Andreas Teichmann: 50days Tour through Germany

The BERÜHRUNGSPUNKTE editorial team visits photojournalist Andreas Teichmann on one day of his 50days tour through Germany and accompanies him for a few kilometres. In 2017, he already crossed Germany on foot - but from Aachen to Zittau, from west to east. The second time he walked from south to north in 50 days - from Oberstdorf to Sylt. On day 33, near Göttingen, the BERÜHRUNGSPUNKTE editorial team walked along for a day.

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Ottmar Hörl: The Architect

The conceptual artist Ottmar Hörl has repeatedly made a name for himself with large-scale installations and spectacular actions in public space. In doing so, he makes use of the idea of the serial like no other. For BERÜHRUNGSPUNKTE, he developed a mini-architect for the 2014 Architecture Biennale - #derArchitekt. Distributed in the Meetingpoint in Venice, it is still in architectural offices today.

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