Nicanor García: Photographer and architect with passion

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Photographer and architect Nicanor García lives in Barcelona and devotes his time to designing a wide range of buildings in his own office - from residential buildings to educational institutions. Creating furniture is also part of his work. In 2007, Nicanor García was a finalist in the FAD Architectural Awards, while teaching as a professor at the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETS).

Photo: ©Nicanor García

He later combined his enthusiasm for architecture with his passion for photography, so that he began a career as a professional photographer in 2012. Together with artist and photographer Shuko Kawase (@studioshuko), he visually explores the uniqueness of different cultures, cities and architectures. The photographic works have already been shown in solo exhibitions in Barcelona and Beijing, among other places. In addition, Nicanor García presents his photographs on his social media channels and is very successful with them. Forbes Spain Magazine included him in the list of the 100 best influencers in Spain in 2021 and 2020, while in 2019 he was among the 5 most influential photographers on social networks. Since 2012, his Instagram account ((@nicanorgarcia) has been one of the most followed personal accounts in architecture and travel. For the perfect photo, Nicanor García travels around the world and works for renowned clients such as Fujifilm, Lufthansa or Mercedes-Benz.


Nicanor García also skilfully uses his photographic skills for us and accompanies us to Venice during the Architecture Biennale to report live on his social media channels. He goes on location in search of exciting architectural motifs and captures the hustle and bustle at this renowned event as well as the unique atmosphere during our Meetingpoint in his pictures.







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