Katharina Benjamin: Founder of Kontextur Leipzig

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The Leipzig architect Katharina Benjamin studied at the Bauhaus University Weimar and has been working at the Chair of Design and Construction I at TU Dresden since 2019.


In 2017, together with Alen Marie Linnemann, she launched the digital architecture platform Kontextur, on which she has since presented diverse and inspiring added value on architecture - including numerous interviews with exciting personalities from the industry as well as her own podcast.

A strong Instagram community

On her Instagram channel "Kontextur", Katharina Benjamin takes this content a step further and shares aesthetic architectural images of completed projects, exciting architectural models and designs, book tips and everything she encounters in her everyday life that is worth seeing with her almost 94,000 followers - and with success, because her community is constantly growing, so that she is now one of the most important construction influencers.

The perfect match: Katharina Benjamin and BERÜRHUNGSPUNKTE

So it is more than obvious that she is now also cooperating with BERÜHRUNGSPUNKTE and reporting for us on the Architecture Biennale and our Meetingpoint. For this, the architect will be on site in Venice and look at the city and our event from her own personal perspective. Of course, she will share her experiences on her Instagram channel!

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