Opulent bathroom elements – EDITION 90 fittings

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Skills, know-how, expertise – what is important in order to excel at something is often priceless. Experience is a precious commodity, because it is gained only through years of development, evaluation, optimisation and implementation.

The KEUCO EDITION 90 fittings – a look behind the scenes

Crafting the perfect surfaces of fittings and accessories is extremely valuable to KEUCO, as surface finishing is one of the company’s core areas of expertise. These surfaces have always stood out thanks to their uncompromisingly accurate processing and their extreme durability. The perfect surface with a special deep gloss looks striking in any bathroom and is designed so that it retains its beauty for many years.

Using an EDITION 90 fitting as an example, a look at the product development and manufacturing process clearly shows what KEUCO brand-quality really means in detail.


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KEUCO products are distinguished by flawless surfaces, maximal service life and perfect functionality. Products that make the bathroom something out of the ordinary.

Photos: KEUCO

KEUCO EDITION 90 in front of ocean
KEUCO KEMI Edition 90
KEUCO fitting
KEUCO fitting in production
KEUCO fitting in chrom (work in progress)
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