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Powerful accents with black matt bathroom fittings 

BLACK SELECTION – the black matt bathroom products made by KEUCO – set striking accents in the bathroom: noble, elegant and extravagant at the same time. Our BLACK SELECTION offers fittings, accessories and mirror cabinets in a uniform black matt. In combination with light tones where the interior design is concerned, BLACK SELECTION is particularly powerful and perfectly staged.

The deep black, silk matt finishes of KEUCO products captivate with their special colour brilliance, bringing a luxurious touch to the bathroom. A special lacquer coating makes them resistant, durable and easy to clean - ideal for both private bathrooms and trendy object furnishings. The velvety matt surface is extremely pleasant to touch.

BLACK SELECTION can be used in all areas of the bathroom

The diversity of the KEUCO BLACK SELECTION range offers harmonious bathroom furnishings which are modern at the same time. This creates extraordinary bathrooms that appear individual and homely - with a touch of extravagance.


The IXMO range of fittings in matt black offers design variety and planning freedom, not only in the shower, but also on the bath. IXMO has a very special feature: By bundling functions with a minimalist appearance, only a few fitting elements are required on the wall, unlike as is normally the case creating a calming room aesthetic. The black matt look impressively underlines the design.

In combination with a wide range of black matt shower accessories, whether with an overhead shower, a hand shower or a matching hose for the spa at home can make your desire for shower solutions become reality.

The design-strong look of IXMO fittings in matt black continues through to the washbasin. Available in various finishes, they always match the universal design language of IXMO shower and bath fittings. The collections Flat, Soft or Pure offer washbasin fittings to suit different living styles, either as single-lever mixers or wall-mounted fittings. Also in the range: a touch-free IXMO sensor fitting for the washbasin. With KEUCO BLACK SELECTION, the entire bathroom can be designed with black matt accents, as the fittings are also available to match the bidet.


And what would a bathroom design be without the right accessories? Furnishings are being staged more and more consciously. It is precisely the details that receive more attention, because they add that special touch. When it comes to bathroom design, high-quality bathroom accessories are part of a harmonious overall picture. A selected range from the PLAN and REVA collections is available in matt black for lovers of bold accents. They nicely round off the picture, whether it be the shower basket, cosmetic mirror, lotion dispenser or toilet paper holder.

BLACK SELECTION mirror cabinets

The product variety of KEUCO BLACK SELECTION offers a comprehensive range for the entire bathroom. The ROYAL MODULAR 2.0 mirror cabinet is also available in a matching black matt finish.


You can find all BLACK SELECTION products made by KEUCO on our website.

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