IXMO sensor fittings made by KEUCO

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Hygienic, convenient and sustainable

The IXMO range of fittings made by KEUCO enjoys great popularity among design lovers and sanitary professionals thanks to the bundling of functions with a minimalist appearance. IXMO fittings are available for all areas of the bathroom: washbasin, shower, bath tub and bidet. Now the range of fittings has been extended with sensor fittings for the washbasin.

Touchless IXMO sensor fittings for the washbasin unite many advantages: On the one hand, they offer maximum hygiene and protection; on the other hand, as a smart solution, they are convenient, easy to clean and economically attractive. Thanks to a precise flow rate, the water volume and therefore costs can be reduced. At the same time, the sensor fittings score points in terms of sustainability and resource conservation. This is one of the reasons for an increased demand for touchless fittings - both in the public and semi-public sector as well as for private lifestyle bathrooms.

IXMO sensor fittings for the washbasin are available as free-standing and wall-mounted models. A minimalist round or square cover plate is available for the wall-mounted fitting, while the floor-standing fitting does not need a cover plate. With their clear, reduced design language and intelligent technology, IXMO sensor fittings are perfect for private and (semi) public use. They can be ideally combined with many different washbasin models and bathroom furnishing styles. In addition to classic chrome, the sensor fittings the free-standing or wall-mounted models are alternatively available in matt black, matching other KEUCO BLACK SELECTION products, setting powerful accents in the bathroom.

Thanks to a precise infrared sensor that can be flexibly be adjusted in its sensitivity and range, the touchless IXMO sensor fittings are characterised by simple, intuitive operation. Water only flows when holding your hands under the outlet or when the infrared sensor detects movement under the outlet. The practical "cleaning stop" function, allows you to clean the fitting without water flowing. Another plus: as the water turns on and off without contact, the need to clean the fitting is reduced to a minimum.

The adjustable follow-up flow time of one second to a maximum of 10 seconds until switch-off, means that IXMO sensor fittings are particularly efficient and sustainable. This enables economical and resource-saving water consumption. The water temperature is adjusted via a small lever on the back of the free-standing fitting model. If permanent temperature control is not desired, especially in public areas, the adjustment pin can be removed after the initial setting. Regarding the wall-mounted fitting, the temperature is adjusted in the under-sink box, under the washbasin.

Optimum drinking water assurance: An automatic standard hygiene flush that can be switched on and off at intervals of 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours prevents microbiological contamination caused by standing water and thus ensures drinking water quality standards. This is particularly important for use in (semi) public areas.

Thanks to the integrated technology, the free-standing IXMO sensor fitting can be installed easily and quickly, just like a conventional single-lever fitting. This means that it is also possible to switch from a single-lever fitting to an IXMO sensor fitting in battery operation anywhere and at any time. The free-standing model for the washbasin is available in a battery-operated and a mains-operated version. The wall-mounted model is available for mains operation. For installation, the wall outlet is connected to a flush-mounted base body, which is connected to the under-sink box below the washbasin by means of an empty pipe.

KEUCO offers a free app for the easy and convenient setting of IXMO sensor fittings. All that is required is is an additional Bluetooth adapter between the sensor and power supply using a simple plug-in connection. The adapter can only be used in conjunction with the power supply variant. The adapter itself has no additional power supply cable.

IXMO sensor fittings offer touchless comfort, both for smart hygiene and cost-efficient use. With their iconic IXMO design in chrome or matt black, they contribute to a modern and strong bathroom decor.

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