REVA accessories range made by KEUCO

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Universal design with a lot of attention to detail

The practical little helpers in the bathroom: they are not in the foreground, but if they are missing, you notice it immediately. Accessories are more than just useful companions in everyday bathroom life. They round-off harmonious bathroom furnishings, add the finishing touches and set special accents. It is the little things that ultimately ensure perfect functionality and individual bathroom design. REVA means "the one which connects" and as a combination of design and function, it lives up to its name. The right accessories depending on the bathroom design: REVA is available with shiny, chrome-plated finishes or in matt black.

A universally combined design, functional features and premium quality – REVA accessories set special accents in every bathroom.   

REVA bathroom accessories – premium quality, design-strong, always the right choice

With REVA, KEUCO, as a specialist for premium-quality bathroom accessories, has once again launched a series of free-standing accessories. Accessories of classic beauty that show just how aesthetic functional innovations can appear, and that in every detail. The design language focuses on the more important things.

The consistent design features of REVA accessories series are clear geometric shapes that match with a wide range of furnishing styles and living environments, regardless of contemporary taste and fashion trends. The high-quality and flawless finishes and the solid material make the qualitative claim of KEUCO accessories perfectly clear.

With a black matt surface, they set powerful accents and take on a strong role when it comes to bathroom design. For all those who love the colour black in the bathroom and who want to create extravagance in bathroom design with striking accessories.

The special thing is part of the design

The REVA range includes a harmonious selection of accessories. Perfection in detail is the special feature. Looking at the washbasin area, this is reflected par excellence by the lotion dispenser with its practical one-hand operation and aesthetic, white satin-finish inverted glass for easy filling. Thanks to operation from below, there is no risk of water drops dripping from wet hands onto the surface of the dispenser. Towel holders are available in single and double-arm versions.

The toilet paper holder is available with or without a shelf. The non-slip and scratch resistant shelf provides somewhere to put mobile phones, coins or other pocket contents for a short time. Perfection in detail is also the special feature of the REVA toilet brush set with a white satin-finish inverted glass: the removable plastic insert is easy to clean and the toilet brush is always dry thanks to the drip reservoir.

The shower tray, available in white or matt black, is also exceptional in design and functionality. It captivates with little secrets in the form of a glass squeegee invisibly integrated into the design and a practical detail: two recesses on the side of the shelf are used to hang shower utensils. Alternatively, the shower tray is also available without a glass squeegee.

The sturdy grab rail acts as a support at the bath or in the shower and the bath towel holder in 600 mm or 800 mm length offers towels of any size enough space to dry away from the wall. Smart detail of the bath towel rail: a hook on the side of the reverse - not visible from the front - can be used to hang utensils such as a bath sponge. Also well thought-out: towels or bathrobes hang securely on the slightly inclined hook. Thanks to their solid wall mounting, all KEUCO accessories guarantee comfortable use and durability.

REVA accessories which can be glued

Many REVA accessories can also be mounted using special glue. Powerful glue makes this possible! For this mounting process, some accessories require a cover plate in order to ensure stability. The glued mounting plates can be removed without leaving any residue glue on the surface. 

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