TRILUX lighting management: For a sustainable future

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Advances in digitalization have fundamentally changed the way in which light is used and controlled. In a constantly changing world, lighting systems must be flexible and able to adapt to the dynamic requirements and needs of their users. Intelligent lighting management offers the optimum solution by going far beyond simply regulating brightness. It increases energy efficiency, promotes sustainability and improves human well-being.

LiveLink: When intelligence comes to light

LiveLink from TRILUX is modern lighting management that makes an important contribution to a more sustainable use of light. It enables the intelligent control of even complex lighting systems in different environments - whether new buildings or refurbishments, individual rooms or large-scale projects, indoors or outdoors. In addition, the operation of LED luminaires in conjunction with LiveLink leads to considerable savings in energy costs - in many cases by up to 50 percent compared to uncontrolled solutions.

But LiveLink is not only economical, it is also ecologically sustainable. Sensor-controlled lighting can significantly reduce CO2 emissions, as light is only provided when needed. Another significant benefit of light management is the increase in human well-being thanks to Human Centric Lighting. By adapting the lighting to the natural course of daylight, people's biological rhythm can be supported and performance increased in the sense of Human Centric Lighting.

Conveniently controllable via app

The LiveLink ONE® app makes installing and operating a light management system particularly convenient! The app automatically recognizes the networked luminaires and sensors in the building and puts everything into operation in a preset basic configuration. This means that the system is immediately ready for operation and can then be easily adapted to individual requirements. Even complex lighting systems can be configured and controlled effortlessly.

The LiveLink ONE® app can also be used to individually group and control luminaires - even across rooms thanks to the new multi-room function. And best of all, LiveLink ONE® offers a wide range of preset functions, including Human Centric Lighting, daylight-dependent control and presence control. This means that installers and users can enjoy genuine plug and play lighting management at the click of an app.

TRILUX LiveLink in use

The new headquarters of the French spirits group Pernod Ricard is one example of how TRILUX LiveLink enables maximum comfort and sustainability. The almost 8,000 square meters of office space in the historic docks at the port was equipped with LuceoS LED pendant luminaires and networked with the LiveLink lighting management system. The luminaires were also combined with sensors for presence and daylight detection. As a result, the rooms can be illuminated particularly efficiently and according to the needs of the users - in a smart and intelligent way.

The same applies to the Tübingen City Library, whose 500 square meters premises were refurbished and brought up to the latest lighting standards. Here too, the decision was made to use customized lighting solutions from TRILUX, such as the E-LINE NEXT LED, in combination with LiveLink. The entire lighting is networked with sensors for constant light control, which leads to optimum use of daylight and improved sustainability.

Smart light management in the logistics sector

The TRILUX light management system offers significant benefits for all sectors - including logistics. This is why TRILUX has already implemented several LED refurbishment projects with LiveLink Premium with the logistics company Raben Group in Poland, as logistics is considered a digital showcase industry. Lighting in particular plays an important role in this context.

"We opted for 8 km of E-Line Next LED and the LiveLink lighting management system in particular due to their high operational efficiency, lighting quality and sustainability. The luminaires in Ruda Slaska ensure excellent visual conditions with individual light distributions in all areas of the hall - from the floor to a height of over twelve meters. This increases safety, visual comfort and well-being in equal measure."

(Michał Węgrzyn, Regional Contract Logistics Director, Raben Logistics Poland)

Intelligent light management from TRILUX thus offers the answer to the dynamic requirements of our time and sets new standards in terms of energy efficiency, sustainability and user comfort.

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