Endangered – Animal portraits by Tim Flach

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Dignified, aesthetic and almost human – this is how the British photographer Tim Flach portrays the beauty and uniqueness of threatened species in his photo book ‘Endangered’. Each photo includes the animal’s own origin, story and function within the circle of life.

However, as graceful and majestic as these animals appear in the pictures, so uncertain is their fate; in the future, some of these precious species may disappear from our planet forever.

Philippine eagle with brown black plumage
Photo: Tim Flach, www.timflach.com
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Treasures [#7] or: What is precious to you?

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Philippine Eagle

Scientific name: Pithecophaga jefferyi

Habitat: Philippine islands of Leyte, Luzon, Mindanao and Samar

IUCN Red List status: critically endangered

Saiga Antelope with white fur and proboscis nose
Photo: Tim Flach, www.timflach.com


Scientific name: Saiga tatarica

Habitat: Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

IUCN Red List status: endangered

Crowned Sifaka Lemur with black fur on the head and orange and white fur on the body
Photo: Tim Flach, www.timflach.com

Crowned Sifaka

Scientific name: Propithecus coronatus

Habitat: Madagascar

IUCN Red List status: endangered

Monkey with a black blunt nose, white-gray fur and a large pink-colored mouth
Photo: Tim Flach, www.timflach.com

Black snub nose

Scientific name: Rhinopithecus bieti

Habitat: China (Yunnan), Tibet

IUCN Red List status: endangered

Pied Tamarin Monkey with a dark head and light fur on the body
Photo: Tim Flach, www.timflach.com

Pied tamarin

Scientific name: Saguinus bicolor

Habitat: Brazil, Amazon region

IUCN Red List status: endangered

Shoebill gray bird with big beak
Photo: Tim Flach, www.timflach.com


Scientific name: Balaeniceps rex

Habitat: East Africa, from South Sudan to Sambia

IUCN Red List status: endangered

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