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It’s in our nature to develop high-quality bathroom concepts.

solid wood furniture from TEAM 7 meets the bathroom excellence of KEUCO

With the new bathroom furnishing concept EDITION LIGNATUR, solid wood furniture from TEAM 7 meets the bathroom excellence of KEUCO.

The permanence of nature plays an important role in the new EDITION LIGNATUR from KEUCO. In cooperation with the solid wood furniture manufacturer TEAM 7, KEUCO has developed a full bathroom furnishing that reflects the fascination with and love for wood used as a raw material in each piece of furniture. “Design follows not only function, but often the material used – more specifically, its specific characteristics and peculiarities,” says designer Dominik Tesseraux, who designed EDITION LIGNATUR for KEUCO. The sculptural and architectural character of the furniture puts the woods, with their distinctive hues and designs, to their best advantage. Oriented toward modern design, yet resting on the permanent roots of the material –this is EDITION LIGNATUR from KEUCO.

Keuco Lignatur

Furniture made of pure natural wood is very special. You see it, you smell it, you feel it. For more than five decades, TEAM 7 from Austria has been producing solid wood furniture for all areas of the home. Only one room was missing: the bathroom. Working with KEUCO’s expertise in washbasins, light mirrors, accessories and fittings, the company co-developed EDITION LIGNATUR, a luxurious bathroom furnishing concept from KEUCO with natural wood furnishings.

Keuco Lignatur

The furnishings of EDITION LIGNATUR – whose name derives from lignum, Latin for “wood,” and signatur, Latin for “characters” (signum) – are unique. Every single piece is individually handcrafted. Single or double vanities with recessed or mounted washbasins, sideboards, tall units and benches are created from three classic natural woods: oak, Venetian oak – which receives its very special patterns from the shipworm – and walnut.

The shipworm, the common name for the marine mussel teredo navalis, had a predilection for planks used in building ships in the days prior to the construction of steel ships, allowing it to spread all over the world. Today the shipworm bores through all timber structures submerged in the water, such as the foundations of the city of Venice, which consist of oak pilings. The perforated pilings need to be replaced regularly. From these thoroughly dried beams, KEUCO works with TEAM 7 to create unique furniture built from this very special “Venetian oak”.

Before the wood goes into furniture production, it goes through a special process called “painting with wood.” The grains that are used for an EDITION LIGNATUR surface are perfectly matched. This involves taking the time in advance to match the individual slats that are used to construct the pieces. The result is a harmonious design in the bathroom.

Keuco Lignatur

KEUCO combines permanence with innovation

The EDITION LIGNATUR light mirror has some very special features. Touch-sensitive buttons allow the light hue to be seamlessly controlled, from warm white to daylight (2700 – 6500 Kelvin). As a result, the light is not only adaptable to the mood of the viewer, but also useful when applying make-up, so that you can see how it will look outdoors, in the office, or at a restaurant. The light sail of the mirror allows the light to fall pleasantly from above. An intelligent detail provides a clear view even after showering, integrated mirror heating ensuring a mist-free surface in seconds.

EDITION LIGNATUR is completed with matching vanities made of Varicor and ceramics, as well as a stand designed specifically for the round Varicor basin. The highlight is a single-lever mixer raised in the middle of the washbasin. The vanities can be combined with KEUCO wall fittings.

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