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Make everyday life easier for your clients: anyone who spends the bulk of their time away from their home, be it at work, doing sport, going to the park, in the city or visiting friends, isn’t going to home to receive their packages. Maybe you are lucky enough to have helpful neighbours. But what if you have no such luck? With the latest innovation from Gira, this problem does not even come up.

Gira door communication solution

Remote access via the smartphone

Thanks to Gira, now you can meet your parcel carrier when you are out and about and get a picture of who is delivering your daily mail. Exterior unit Gira System 106 combined with the TKS-IP gateway enables convenient remote access using your smartphone. This means that in future, you can also have dialogues with your mail carrier when you are enjoying a cocktail on Majorca or shopping at the supermarket. The encounter is not only on a personal level; rather, there is also actual interaction. For example, you can inform the mail carrier where to deposit your parcel – perhaps in the garden under the wheelbarrow?! Anyone who is expecting visitors but is unable to get home in time can also open the door for visitors without actually being present. You can see, talk, open the door, and do so effortlessly and worry-free, because remote access with your smartphone via the Gira TKS mobile app is carried out using a highly encrypted portal solution that guarantees the security of all data transmissions.


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Easily adjustable to fit your architecture

Modular Gira System 106 offers all the functions needed on the outside of a door: bell, camera, name plate and house number. High-quality materials, innovative technology and minimalist design ensure convenience and security, while size, design and functionality can easily be adapted to individual needs, in both new and existing buildings. This means the system can be planned at any point in time.

Absolute convenience at home as well

Users enjoy first-class convenience not only when they are out and about, but when they are home as well, because Gira also offers various door communication solutions and home stations for indoor use. For example, Gira System 106 can be combined with the Video AP 7 home station, which allows you to clearly see and hear who is at the door. The modern door intercom system with its user-friendly touch display combines maximum convenience in use with excellent display quality, practical hands-free function and simple installation. Thanks to energy-saving technology, the system does not need an additional power supply and is also ideal for use in large buildings. The station can be mounted on the wall or situated on a piece of furniture along with its base.



See from everywhere who is standing in front of the door. It‘s easier with Gira.
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