Architecture on TV: The world's most extraordinary homes

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In the series “The world's most extraordinary homes” the award-winning architect Piers Taylor and actress/property enthusiast Caroline Quentin travel the world to find and visit the most spectacular homes in the world. These often fascinate not only because of their outstanding architecture, but also because of their special location. Not only the archictecture but also the place fo theses beautifully unconventional homes fascinates us.

Title of the Series in front of an extraordinary house
Screenshot Series © Netflix

In Spain, the two explore a circular property and a rusty metal country house. A Viking house in the middle of the forest and an unconventional summer house on a rock are the main attractions of their trip to Norway. To visit these spectacular houses, the duo goes among other things on high mountains, by boat to idyllic islands and even underground.

The “The world's most extraordinary homes” series is currently availableon Netflix. In three seasons, the audience will be taken on an exciting discovery journey along impressive buildings.

holiday home in Norway on a small island
Screenshot Series © Netflix
Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin
Caroline Quentin and Piers Taylor, Screenshot Series © Netflix
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