When good design makes the first impression

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Gira System 106: new range of designs and functions for doors

Everyone knows that it is the first impression that counts. In buildings, visitors usually get their first impression at the front door. That is why it is so important to get everything right there. Like Gira System 106, the new metal door communication system in a minimalist design. Exquisite surfaces, robust materials and the slimline, compact design guarantee an elegant look, as well as security and convenience at the door. This gives architects the freedom to create really unique entrance areas for their buildings.

Perfectly formed and flexible – those are the outstanding characteristics of Gira System 106: a modular door communication system with minimalist metal front panels and a refined look. The individual modules are based on standard dimensions of 106.5 x 106.5 mm, which can be combined flexibly and arranged vertically, horizontally or in squares. The system is protected against water ingress to IP 54.

Gira System 106 impresses in particular with its slimline design. The housing, including the frameless modules of the surface-mounted version, protrudes just 28.4 mm above the surface. They are available in three versions: with brushed stainless steel metal designer faces (V2A stainless steel, 240-grit grinding pattern), anodised aluminium (E6-C0) or traffic white (RAL 9016).

The system’s seven functions include a camera and display module, information and blank module, door station and intercom module, as well as various call-button modules. They all feature a harmonious overall appearance and can be combined individually based on your wants or needs. They can also be flush-mounted in the Renz mailbox systems (Renz Plan S series).

The designer face conceals and protects a high-quality microphone and weather-resistant speaker. Together with background noise suppression, these components guarantee clear communication without interference. The camera modules – including the display module – have a black glass cover plate made of 3 mm shatterproof glass. The replaceable black glass plate conceals a high-quality and highly light-sensitive camera.

With its 85° field of view, residents can always see what is happening outside their door. Innovative technologies ensure a clear image no matter what the light conditions are – even direct sunlight or bright car headlights at night do not pose problems. In night mode, infrared lighting ensures glare-free illumination of the field of view. A blank module is available as a placeholder for future expansions or as a design element when creating extensive door stations. The call buttons and information module can be personalised with the Gira Inscription Service.

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