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On the one hand, freedom of design means limitless creativity, on the other - user-oriented products and applications. Sometimes a balancing act, usually a challenge. Always an exciting task. Limitless freedom of design is not a triviality nor does it brook compromise. Maximum design freedom is right at the forefront, perhaps even the chief consideration when developing a new design. Because that is the ultimate goal here: an outstanding new design.

KEUCO bathroom design in futuristic atmosphere
With the ROYAL LUMOS mirror cabinet high-end LED lighting solutions merge with top design. The design of the PLAN S fitting speaks a flowing language of form. In their design the spouts of the series dynamically mimic the flow of water. The PLAN bathroom furnishings and washbasin series presents itself with modern linearity and straightforward elegance.

Over and over again, freedom is the basic formula in the world of design that is essential to the creation of new innovations. By designers, product developers, and creative spirits. By all who would attempt to extract the optimum out of the feasible, and seek the maximum

for the functional. To bring the beautiful in perfect harmony with the useful. Freedom of design comes to a halt where limits exist or are set. But in the design process the limits are dictated by the feasible and possible. Maximum design freedom flourishes where the impossible is conceived to be possible, and where the limits of the feasible are questioned. „Only when intellectual freedom becomes a freedom to shape things can we speak of innovation“, says Hartmut Dalheimer, Managing Director of KEUCO.

KEUCO fitting and PLAN accessories in brilliant chrome

Freedom in the bathroom

Freedom of design turns ideas into new concepts, of which one doesn‘t even know in advance whether they are technically feasible or not. This is precisely the point where new innovations may and can come to life. Driven by new technologies, by evolving expectations, but chiefly by the desire to develop KEUCO products in-house. To succeed by perfectly uniting the functional with the aesthetic. That is how, for rooms large and small, bathroom furnishings are produced which leave nothing to be desired.


A multitude of possibilities

With roughly 500 products KEUCO‘s PLAN Collection offers a multitude of solutions – whether for private bathrooms, hotel bathrooms, or for use in semi-public and public areas such as offices, restaurants and clinics. Because of its pronounced aesthetic character, top functionality and outstanding quality, the PLAN Collection became a sought-after, contemporary classic. As with all PLAN fittings, PLAN accessories are available in brilliant chrome, matt aluminium and high-quality stainless steel. In the context of modern architecture these surface alternatives allow much design freedom and many options for subtle combination.

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Another side of PLAN is its extensive furniture and washbasin series, developed by the Tesseraux + Partner design agency in Potsdam. With modern linearity and straightforward elegance in tone-in-tone look. As such glass fronts and the bodies of the furniture always confine themselves to one colour. Through their very unobtrusiveness, PLAN‘s handleless furniture comes to the forefront. And for a touch more design freedom, the bathroom furniture is also available as more modern variation with legs.

The ROYAL LUMOS mirror cabinet with cold led light
The ROYAL LUMOS mirror cabinet with warm led light

The ROYAL LUMOS mirror cabinet demonstrates how high-end lighting solutions can be successfully merged with top design and premium made-in-Germany quality. The three-sided LED lighting radiating from within the translucent rim gives the mirror cabinet a lightweight appearance, creating an impression of hovering in front of the wall. With the semi-recessed wall installation of the mirror cabinet this appearance of weightlessness is particularly pronounced. Half of the generous storage space is concealed in the wall. Even with the mirror doors closed, the open shelf compartment still allows easy access to frequently-used utensils. Multiple light sources and sophisticated lighting scenarios establish the perfect ambience for every situation.

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