Smart Home: Well hidden and yet visible

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Smart Home is a familiar buzzword. It is about security and comfort, energy efficiency and individuality. One could almost think that Smart Home is already firmly established in the design and planning processes of most architects. But experience shows that this often involves merely isolated applications. Is a building truly smart if people need twelve different apps to control it? Certainly not! Smart Home is associated with the absence of cables, and the advantages of automatic control as an add-on.

Gira HomeServer

The basis for a comprehensively networked Gira Smart Home is the KNX bus connection. It consists of a green cable laid in addition to the conventional electricity cables throughout the entire house during construction of a new building or modernisation/ renovation of an existing one. Via this network, the various elements of building service technology are connected with each other. And even across all brands of appliances, thanks to the free KNX communication protocol. The system is supplemented by appropriate sensors, detectors and displays that enable interaction and central control of all appliances. Gira Smart Home is installed by a specialist known as a system integrator. Once installed, servicing and repairs can also be supported by remote maintenance.

Which modules work in the background, which ones are frequently used?

Can you use it with an app on the smartphone immediately after the KNX cables are laid? No. The KNX cables form the basis for comprehensive networking. The benefit so far is that central control is now enabled, which means no more walking over to the radiator to adjust the temperature on its valve, no more walking to the window to control the electric blinds, no more walking to the various lights in the living room to switch them on. Instead: a server installed in a concealed control centre links all components that are part of the network with each other – including the heating, blinds, lights, etc. Thus the central control element takes over all controls, from heating, darkening to illuminating the house.

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Depending on the type of building, the basis for every Gira KNX installation is either the Gira home server / facility server or the Gira X1, a small server in a control cabinet that ensures the smooth start-up and automation of the building technology. The system is operated via the components firmly installed in the wall, such as the tactile sensors from Gira or the Gira G1 operating panel.

In addition, control is also possible via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Together with intelligent sensors and control devices, which are placed unobtrusively inside a flush-mounted box or concealed in the control cabinet, a system is created which enables the implementation of numerous comfortable solutions, such as simultaneous operation of various blinds, automatic control of lighting and room temperature, or switching off all electrical appliances only with the push of a button.

Gira Smart Home _ applications
Gira Smart Home _ applications
Gira Smart Home _ appliances and apps
Gira Smart Home _ appliances and apps

Wireless smart home solutions are also possible, but…

…the basis of a comprehensive Smart Home concept is provided by complete integration of sensors and adapters – in other words, receivers and senders. In such cases, the system can be upgraded without cutting open walls. Newly installed user points can then be equipped with adapters, and control sensors can be retrofitted at any desired position, also without KNX connection. In such cases, the central control is still carried out by the server “in the cellar”, that is, the concealed control centre.

With the Gira KNX RF System, supplementing the existing smart home becomes quite simple. This makes it possible to implement new ways of controlling lighting, blinds, interior scenes and much more by radio from anywhere inside the building quite easily. New operating terminals such as tactile sensors can be installed in places where it is impossible or undesirable to lay cables or connect switches, for example on existing walls made of stone, concrete, wood or glass, or on furniture surfaces.

Gira G1 operating panel

For more information, please download our brochure. Here, you will find everything about Smart Home by Gira. And about integrated smoke detectors, switches, sockets and tactile sensors. About door communication systems, the AlarmConnect security system, Alexa by Amazon, Philips Hue and perfect sound by Sonos.

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