Hide Away: Det røde badehuset

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A hiding place, a refuge, a sanctuary – a place where you can feel secure and can find an inner sanctum. The awareness we are part of one big picture – on one's own yet open and connected to the entire environment. Extroverted and at the same time introverted – depending on your perspective. It is always important to be able to change your point of view and that might also mean changing your current location.

Hankøsundet, Østfold, Norway 2021
Architecture: Handegård Arkitektur
Photography: Carlos Rollan

At first glance, Handegård Architecture's small, red ‘badehus’ appears to be a traditional Norwegian boathouse, standing on granite pillars, nestled against the water's edge. On closer inspection, however, it turns out to be a snug retreat hidden away from the street, but wide open to the sea with expansive panoramic views.


Discovering the world, gaining new experiences, travelling – humans want adventure, to be free and explore foreign cultures. This has always been in their nature. But there can be many facets of being on the road, both big and small. We need inspiration from our outside surroundings in order to grow and create our lives, design our spaces and our architecture in harmony.

In the second publication from our series of books – and after looking at the significance of home – we give a platform to the places of longing and the locations we travel to. We uncover new sources of inspiration, capture moods and impressions, and reveal architectural insider tips.

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