ROOM ROOM: Versatile living

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Turn it upside-down, tip it forwards or lay it on its side – the tiny, mobile home ‘Room Room’ was created by the architecture collective ENCORE HEUREUX + G. studio from Paris and provides an impromptu place to retire to no matter where you are or what position it’s in.

Mobile Home
Photos: Encore Heureux

It was conceived with the intention of creating a flexible living space that is reduced to the basics and characterised by minimalism. During the design phase,  ENCORE HEUREUX + G. studio was constantly thinking about what people in critical life situations really need. With the help of a bicycle, a motorbike or even a donkey, this bright yellow, versatile polygon can be moved from A to B, and is guaranteed to turn heads once it’s in position with its wheels in the air.

Photos: Encore Heureux

The existing space can be extended by placing two units back-to-back. Thus, the ‘Room Room’ becomes an impromptu place to sleep in the middle of the city.

No matter whether you’re on the move, sleeping or even staying put in one place for a longer period of time, this mobile room can be positioned in various different ways to adapt to your needs and circumstances.

Photos: Encore Heureux

The eye-catching room consists of individual mountable elements made from steel and lightweight metal. Put together, the ‘Room Room’ can be easily moved from one place to the next.

Photos: Sebastian Normand

Take a look at the video about the project from the architects

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