New trees

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Robert Voit documents a curious modern arboretum.

New trees - Robert Voit

The wish of urban dwellers for undisturbed communication over long distances across country leads in parts of the USA and Great Britain to the creation of the ‘new tree’.

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UNIQUE [#2] or: How individual do you want to be?

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Camouflaged as a cactus or a palm, the radio mast adapts to its environment and pretends to be a natural part of the landscape. This feeling is only confirmed at a second glance: “Something is wrong here!” The radio trees share some attributes with their natural counterparts, but the revealing surfaces, scales or details are too jarring for real similarity. In his ‘New Trees’ work Robert Voit has photographically captured this type of decorative treatment of indices of our times, leaving us to our own astonishment.

Robert Voit (born 1969) studied photography at the Photo Design Academy in Munich, the Munich Academy of Fine Arts and under Thomas Ruff at Dusseldorf Art Academy until 2005. Voit’s photographic works, especially in the field of architectural photography, have won several awards. Voit lives and works in Munich.

Publication „New Trees“, Steidl-Verlag

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