More safety: Diverse solutions from Gira for healthcare buildings

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Hygiene and safety are significant factors in retirement homes, hospitals, doctors' offices as well as in private homes, because health is one of the most important areas of life. Therefore, solutions are needed that minimize the risk of possible infection with pathogens - an aspect that is becoming increasingly important these days. In addition, accidents can occur in any area, and the best case scenario is to prevent them. Smart, innovative systems can call for help in the fastest possible way in an emergency. As an expert in smart home, switch ranges and security, Gira offers diverse and innovative products for every area of application that deliberately focus on the topic of health.

Gira call system

Help when it counts: Gira emergency call sets

Accidents happen everywhere, but the risk of slipping and falling is particularly high in bathrooms and toilets. Floors and surfaces can be wet in these rooms, preventing a safe grip or step. This is a particular hazard for the elderly or people with disabilities. Often, they can no longer get up from the floor under their own power and require assistance. Thanks to the Gira emergency call sets, those affected can activate a signal light with buzzer outside the sanitary area via a long pull switch and thus request help. This is particularly useful in publicly accessible sanitary areas or private homes.

Connecting people, providing security: Gira call systems

In properties such as hospitals and nursing homes, Gira call systems enable people to call for help reliably. They meet all safety-related requirements according to DIN VDE 0834 and thus offer a high level of functional and operational safety. Thanks to its decentralized and modular design, the Gira nurse call system 834 can be used both for systems with a few rooms and for large facilities. The Gira nurse call system 834 Plus features an innovative plug-and-play installation concept and can be optionally equipped with a voice module. This relieves staff in their daily work and increases comfort for patients and residents.

Stainless steel against infections

When it comes to high hygiene requirements and safety, the materials used are also of great importance. Stainless steel in particular is characterized by its perfect hygienic properties and is thus suitable for various surfaces. It is resistant to germs and easy to clean. This is why Gira also offers many of its products with stainless steel surfaces, such as the KNX button. Thanks to the unbreakable plastic and robust stainless steel, it is particularly suitable for environments in which it is operated especially frequently – for example, in healthcare buildings.

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