KEUCO ROYAL MIDAS: Perfect symbiosis of water and light

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The bathroom has changed in the last few years. Modern bathrooms are a place for the senses - a haven as a private spa. Especially the shower has gained importance. Showering in the morning to start actively into the day and taking a shower in the evening to relax and ease the body, spirit and soul. The ROYAL MIDAS shower light made by KEUCO offers a special shower experience for the senses – a perfect combination of water and light with a soothing effect.

KEUCO ROYAL MIDAS shower light, Product, modern shower

The ROYAL MIDAS shower light, with its integrated big head shower has a positive effect on the body with light and water at the same time. The single water drops reflecting the light of the shower – fascinating. At the same time the water stream through the head shower from above and covers the body like a pleasant rain shower – refreshing and cooling or relaxing and warming.

As a complete all-in-one product, ROYAL MIDAS is a winner when it comes to mounting. That means a quick, easy and safe installation is guaranteed. The KEUCO shower light is intuitively operated by means of a room switch (on/off, light/dark, warm/cold light).

KEUCO ROYAL MIDAS shower light, showering woman
KEUCO ROYAL MIDAS shower light, showering man

Depending on the time of day, the shower light can be infinitely set or dimmed between 6500 kelvin (day light) and 2700 kelvin (warm white). Especially in winter time, this enables a shower with light day light with a warming effect for body in the morning, which activates the circulatory system and gets the organism going. A warmer, chastened light during an evening shower sets the right signals for relaxing, similar to the effects of sunset: The hormone melatonin is released, thus ensuring a healthy sleep. Sensual shower experience with the ROYAL MIDAS shower light is wellness in your own four walls at any time.

KEUCO ROYAL MIDAS shower light
KEUCO ROYAL MIDAS shower light
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