KEUCO ROYAL LUMOS: High-end lighting solutions

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A mirror cabinet like a picture with illuminated frame

The luxuriously crafted ROYAL LUMOS mirror cabinet from KEUCO is predestined for sumptuous, upscale bathrooms. An illuminated frame on three sides turns it into a genuine highlight in the bathroom – whether as a classic on-wall mirror cabinet or unique semi-recessed model. The open shelf compartment is very useful for frequently-used products.

The ROYAL LUMOS mirror cabinet from KEUCO, developed by the blisse-zetsche design agency in Munich, represents the merging of premium quality and top-notch design made in Germany with sophisticated lighting technology and clever use of space. The frames highlight the ROYAL LUMOS like a picture. The three-sided LED lighting which shines from within the translucent frame gives the mirror cabinet a lightweight appearance, as if it is hovering in front of the wall. This appearance of weightlessness is particularly pronounced when the mirror cabinet is installed semi-recessed in the wall.

The generous storage space is partially concealed in the wall. The reflective exterior faces of the on-wall model are a testament to the highest standard of design. A design feature just as striking as it is practical is the integrated shelf compartment. Even with the mirror doors closed, it still allows easy access to frequently-used products. A premium inlay made of linoleum acts as a non-slip and scratch-free shelf surface for watches, jewellery and mobile devices.

KEUCO sets new standards with its clever lighting concept and intuitive operation. The LED lighting of the ROYAL LUMOS can be dimmed and the light colour adjusted in an infinite number of shades using the control panel: From a daylight white light of 6500 Kelvin, ideal for daily care to a warm-white light of 2700 Kelvin, ideal for a perfect evening makeup or an atmospheric bathing ambience. On top of that, the ROYAL LUMOS also has three light sources: The main lighting of the frame as well as compartment and washbasin lighting.

When the main lighting is switched on, the LED frame lighting lights the room and face and illuminates the cabinet interior when the doors are open. The additional downward lighting adds atmospheric light accents to fittings and washbasin, and the indirect lighting from the shelf compartment with its reflective rear wall is functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. The full lighting and indirect lighting – consisting of washbasin and compartment lighting – can each be switched on and off, dimmed, and varied in light colour separately. The compartment and washbasin lighting always light in parallel.

The premium interior features include reflective rear and side walls as well as practical details such as height-adjustable glass shelves and two electric sockets (subject to country specific regulations). The soft-close hinges ensure that the doors of the ROYAL LUMOS close extremely easily and softly. The revolving doors with interior mirrors allow the user to view the back of the head while doing hair.

Available in six widths ranging from 650 to 1400 mm, the ROYAL LUMOS mirror cabinet opens up individual design possibilities for bathrooms large and small. Depending on the width, it is equipped with up to three door mirrors and is perfect in combination with single or double washbasins. The on-wall and semi-recessed installation variants offer much versatility for contemporary bathroom architecture.

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