KEUCO Mirror Cabinet ROYAL MODULAR 2.0 leaves nothing to be desired

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Architectural masterpiece in many variations

Numerous dimensions, a variety of models and a linear design make the ROYAL MODULAR 2.0 a universal aluminium mirror cabinet for every bathroom which without doubt meets all needs. Individually selectable widths, heights and depths - and with its intelligent LED lighting concept, highly functional technology, organisable storage space and well thought-out equipment details - a real all-rounder.

Diversity is its strength: ROYAL MODULAR 2.0 is available in many different sizes, either with one, two, three or four doors. With widths from 50 cm to 210 cm, in two heights and with two depths, it fits in bathrooms of any size and matches any washbasin. The numerous models and different features offer plenty of well thought-out storage space and are true space miracles. The ROYAL MODULAR 2.0 can be installed in the wall to save space or mounted on the wall as a design element. With its aluminium body, the mirror cabinet is of high quality and particularly durable. Aluminium has a high corrosion resistance and is resistant to scratches and wear and tear, making it particularly suitable for use in the bathroom. The high-quality mirroring of the doors from the outside and inside ensures a clear reflection in every respect. The ROYAL MODULAR 2.0 mirror cabinet can be combined with several other bathroom furnishings.

Convincing inner values: The interior of the ROYAL MODULAR 2.0 mirror cabinet surprises with a contrasting, elegant design of individually organisable smoked glass shelves and a white glass rear wall. The hinged doors, mirrored on both sides, offer a generous all-round view. They close gently with a comfortable "soft-close" technology, which can also be varied from slow to fast closing on the black hinges to suit your own taste. A very practical feature is a cosmetic mirror that can be attached to the glass shelves and the doors or set up as preferred. A magnetic strip makes it easy to find small beauty aids. A special feature is the option for power sockets and a double USB connection, which are hidden behind two flaps.

Light for any time of day and atmosphere: The horizontal LED lighting at the top and bottom ensures a shadow-free and glare-free illumination of the face. At the same time, it skilfully sets the scene for the washbasin. The light can be sensitively adjusted in brightness and light colour to meet the needs of its user: from bright, daylight white light for everyday beauty care to dimmed, warm white light for relaxation, an infinite regulation is possible.

The sensor system for the light control is located on the inside the mirror cabinet so that the outer appearance is completely uncluttered and reduced. For switching on and off, there is a small button barely visible on the outside. If no lighting is desired on the mirror cabinet, an unlit version is also available.

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