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IXMO fittings bring the interaction between design and functionality to perfection in a new dimension. Minimalistic design with a focus on geometrical bodies concentrates on essentials. There is nothing superfluous to distract from it. Simple forms and high-quality materials combine to give an impression of calmness and clarity. The concentrated form leads to the use of materials in small quantities, with the main emphasis set on aesthetics of the product and simultaneously on functional design. Product design in minimalistic dimensions with complex interior mechanisms.

KEUCO IXMO an metallischer Wand in Wüstenumgebung

A minimalistic product design with user-friendliness – in other words, easy and intuitive operation – often hides a complex internal system. This is the ultimate art of reducing things to essentials, as expressed in a nutshell by the creativity researcher Edward de Bono: “Simplicity does not come about by itself”. What looks simple, is the result of deliberately “thinking out of the box”. Even though minimalism as we have known it from the “modern era” since the 1920s is a current trend today, it is more than just a temporary fad. Minimalism exists beyond any specific era; it is a style, a philosophy. Thus, Mies van der Rohe’s famous motto for minimalism “Less is more” is just as modern today as it was then in Bauhaus times. Another piece of evidence is the rewording into “Less, but better” coined in the 1960s by Dieter Rams, a celebrity in German industrial design.

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Today’s version from the bathroom specialist KEUCO is “Less can do more”, its credo for the IXMO family. Created by the design studio Tesseraux + Partner in Potsdam, Germany, the IXMO fittings by KEUCO combine an aesthetic, puristic design vocabulary with latest technology. IXMO fits its functionalities into a very compact space to make them compatible with an extremely minimalistic design. Thanks to bundling of functions, it has become possible, for example, to accommodate the three-way stopping and converter valve, hose connection and shower switch in a single module. The number of on-wall products can thus be reduced to a minimum. This opens up an enormous amount of freedom for planning. Moreover, the visible parts are amazingly small, having a diameter and/or edge length of only 90 millimetres.

Dusche mit IXMO Ausstattung
“Bringing several functionalities together was an exciting challenge. We had new ideas every day and this laid the foundation for a completely new approach”

is how the designer Dominik Tesseraux describes the development work on IXMO. Bathtub or shower? One or several water outlets? Round or angular rosette? IXMO allows for a great variety of combination options. Every solution is based on a thermostat or a single-lever mixer. Added to this are multi-functional modules as required, which provide connections for one, two or three flow paths and other functions. The installation is also extremely flexible. So even the positioning of the individual units can be chosen to the customer’s taste.

This minimalism can be taken even further, however. In the IXMO SOLO shower fitting, KEUCO combines a single-lever mixer with a hose connection in a single functional element for the first time. Minimal installation work and maximum convenience, since only IXMO SOLO without any additional water-bearing element is necessary for providing a complete shower solution. In this way, design and function are perfectly matched, and IXMO SOLO became the “ICONIC AWARDS 2017: Interior Innovation – Winner” and won the “Design Plus powered by ISH“ label and the iF Design Award 2017 as well.

KEUCO bathroom equipment invariably combines aesthetic design with high-grade technology and provides the perfect solutions to fulfil individual wishes.

“We offer new dimensions for aesthetes”

is how Hartmut Dalheimer, CEO of KEUCO, sums it all up.

Logos: Reddot Award Winner 2016, Design Award 2016, German Design Award Nominee 2016, German Design Award Special 2017
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