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Places can affect us, create a certain atmosphere that remains for a long time, and give us new impressions. What is a city like? Where does this feeling come from, the effect that you feel in the city? In our #places section, we take you to the European capitals – to introduce you to places, personalities, buildings that reflect the city in all its facets. Let’s go to … Dublin!

#place: Dublin

Country: Ireland
Inhabitants: ca. 553.165
Area: 115 km2
Famous Landmarks: St Patrick’s Cathedral and Dublin Castle


Anyone who thinks of Dublin not only thinks of the magnificent historical buildings, red brick rows, cobblestone streets, the river Liffey and lush green parklands, but also without doubt of the Irish pub culture. After all, it is not without reason that the pub is called the Irish’s second living room – in Dublin alone, there are nearly 800 of them.


Until the late 1930s, only on Fitzwilliam Square there were inhabited Georgian houses left. All others were either empty or became company headquarters. However, some inhabitants of the capital sigh today about the failed construction boom after the Second World War, to which some Georgian-style houses have fallen victim to. After all, Grafton Architects, founded in 1978 by the two Irish women Yvonne Farrell & Shelley McNamara, have saved the reputation of contemporary architecture in Dublin. Its Offices for the Department of Finance in downtown Dublin is considered a model of contemporary architecture, and some want to find parallels to the Georgian houses in it. 100mm thick planks of sanded Ballinasloe limestone are crafted to form deep stone screen walls.

Address: Merrion Row, Dublin


Hidden Place

Marrowbone Books second-hand bookshop is a hidden treasure. The owners say:

We have a good selection of good books. Mostly paperbacks. Mostly pretty cheap. We don’t have everything, but we usually have the good stuff.

The shop offers book subscriptions, where subscribers receive a suprise book once a month for half a year or a year depending on their taste defined in a questionnaire in advance. Small musical, literary, and community events are hosted in the shop. Find the program here.

Address: 78 The Coombe, Dublin 8

Temple bar in Dublin with people on the street


Templer Bar is known as Dublin’s pub and music district, but also as a modern district with many special shops. Especially in the area of ​​vintage, DIY and fashion you will find some highlights here. For example, „Siopaella“ is an innovative designer second-hand store that offers new or scarcely used designer clothes and upgrades second-hand fashion in a high-quality way to create individual pieces. Siopaella means „Ella’s shop“.

Address: Four Locations:
29 Wicklow St. (designer & buying office)
8 Cecilia St. (premium highstreet & designer)
8A Crow St. (vintage & siopaedit collection)
Dublin 2, Ireland

Beanhive café

Have you ever found „architecture“ on your cappuccino? The Beanhive café is known for unique coffee decorations. Muffins, Brownies, Scones and other sweet and salty goods are baked daily fresh here. The interior is small but cozy and the staff very friendly. A place for breakfast, lunch with excellent sandwiches, afternoon tea and cake or just a coffee in between.

Address: Dawson St, Dublin 2, D02 FY28

Sweeney’s Bar

Who does not want to end up in Dublins most famous Pub „Temple Bar“ with 100 other tourists should rather go to Sweeney’s bar 300 metres further away. The authentic Irish Pub is open at lunch time and for dinner. The bar is situated on the ground floor while the restaurant can be found on the first floor. A club in the basement is welcoming all the party people with regular live music concerts.

Address: 32 Dame Street, Dublin D02 EA24

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