Hide Away: Tree House Project West Virginia

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A hiding place, a refuge, a sanctuary – a place where you can feel secure and can find an inner sanctum. The awareness we are part of one big picture – on one's own yet open and connected to the entire environment. Extroverted and at the same time introverted – depending on your perspective. It is always important to be able to change your point of view and that might also mean changing your current location.


Tree House Project, West Virginia, USA
Architecture: Peter Pichler Architecture
Photography: Peter Pichler Architecture

Dark, pointed pitched roofs will soon rise into the air at Dawson Lake in West Virginia, their geometry alluding to 
the surrounding maple, poplar and oak trees. In future, these small accommodations are to enable the kind of tourism that will be particularly close to nature and enhance the relationship between people and the environment. 

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