Health-Care: Sophisticated bathroom design with KEUCO

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Whether in doctors' surgeries, hospitals or retirement homes - the requirements for hygiene, safety and comfort are particularly high in the sensitive healthcare sector. Rooms must therefore be carefully and efficiently designed to ensure smooth processes and high-quality patient care. The bathroom in particular should be designed for maximum functionality to enable patients with limited mobility to be independent and prevent falls.


As bacteria can spread particularly quickly in damp rooms and cause unwanted infections, hygiene also plays an enormously important role. Intelligent and tailor-made solutions, such as those from KEUCO, help to minimize these risks and ensure a hygienic environment for patients, residents and staff.

KEUCO PLAN sensor dispenser: easy handling and optimum hygiene

An indispensable piece of equipment in the healthcare sector is the wall-mounted, electronic KEUCO PLAN sensor dispenser, which offers an impressive combination of aesthetic design, ease of use and technical sophistication. It was developed for liquid or foam soap as well as for liquid disinfectant and makes everyday life in the healthcare sector much easier. The hygiene product can be easily filled into the spacious 1.1 liter container completely independently of the manufacturer - for state-of-the-art hygiene comfort.

Operation is also absolutely user-friendly, as it is carried out via a sensor that triggers the dispensing of a preset amount when a hand is held underneath. Thanks to this contactless operation, the risk of infection can be significantly minimized, as the majority of pathogens are transmitted via the hands. The portion quantities and the dispensing distance can be set individually. In addition to the many technical details, the KEUCO PLAN sensor dispenser also offers an excellent design. It is available in chrome, aluminum, stainless steel finish and black matt and can therefore be optimally integrated into any furnishing concept.

Product solutions from KEUCO at Göttingen-Weende Protestant Hospital, Germany

The fact that KEUCO offers tailor-made solutions for the healthcare sector is also evident in the Evangelical Hospital in Göttingen-Weende. The new comfort ward accommodates 20 single rooms and three double rooms and, with its modern design concept, provides a cozy feel-good atmosphere - with a panoramic view of Göttingen. The barrier-free bathrooms in warm natural tones are particularly impressive with their high-quality fittings, which are stylishly complemented by KEUCO fittings, accessories and cosmetic mirrors. Two different KEUCO fittings can be found in the bathrooms: all in polished chrome or matt black.

At the washbasin, the IXMO FLAT single-lever basin mixer, the PLAN hairdryer and the practical iLook_move vanity mirror as well as the PLAN CARE disinfectant dispenser ensure maximum convenience. In addition, each bathroom is equipped with the IXMO thermostatic mixer and the PLAN stool, which allows you to sit comfortably while showering. Thanks to the PLAN shower basket, the necessary care products are always to hand. The AXESS railing system and matching AXESS grab rails ensure that patients can stand up safely after a shower, offering them maximum safety.

Innovative product solutions from KEUCO are also used around the toilet, such as the PLAN toilet roll holder and a matching grab rail. For patients with disabilities, the elegant KEUCO AXESS folding support handles, designed by Studio F. A. Porsche, support independence at the toilet.

The special feature: When folded up, the folding support handle stands completely flat against the wall and is barely recognizable as a folding support handle. Even when folded down, it is a stylish and elegant solution. This means that KEUCO's high-quality product solutions effortlessly meet the high standards of hygiene, comfort and design in the healthcare sector.

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