Gira: Unique diversity in materiality and color

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The desire for individuality and wholeness is constantly growing - especially when it comes to room design. For this reason, it should be possible to adapt each element optimally to one's own needs and the respective concept, not only in terms of its function, but also in terms of its design - and this applies to both color and materiality, because both give the room character. This allows both accents to be set and harmonious overall images to be created.


Gira Esprit offers maximum design freedom

Thanks to the modular design of its product solutions, Gira also offers not only freedom in terms of functions and future viability, but also a wide variety of colors and materiality, thus ensuring individuality.

The Gira Esprit design line is available in high-quality real materials - from glass to a wide variety of metal surfaces to linoleum multiplex. In addition, there are numerous color variants to choose from that offer great design freedom, including noble bronze as a PVD coating. This surface can be used to set elegant accents that create an aesthetic ambience.
Thanks to the compatibility of the Gira Esprit design line with the function sets from Gira System 55, more than 300 functions can be perfectly integrated into the design line. In this way, conventional light switches, socket outlets, but also push buttons from different Smart Home systems such as Gira KNX can be stylishly and perfectly matched and framed.

Cross-system design in 95 x 95 mm format

Since the external dimensions of the Gira Esprit frames and the Gira push button sensor 4 for KNX are the same size (95 x 95 mm), there are further application options in the smart home sector. And thus also a coherent overall picture in interior planning - right down to the last detail.


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