Gira: Smart Home in a new dimension

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New operating comfort with integrated systems

A “smart home” is a top priority for many property owners. The use of intelligent building technology makes it possible to experience a new dimension of smart technology and ensures a high level of living comfort, better security, clever energy management – and all of this with voice control if desired. Gira offers the smart home functions by linking Amazon’s Alexa with the Gira X1 Server and the secure remote access module Gira S1. In this way, the light obeys the owner’s spoken word and the roller blinds move on command. Reliably and securely. A smart home cannot be any smarter.

Complex applications can be implemented with system solutions, whose functionality can also be extended later on without any problems. Radio-based systems are recommended primarily for renovation projects, while preference is given to the cable-based, brand-neutral KNX system in new buildings.

Picture of Gira G1 and Gira X1
All Gira X1 functions are clearly visualised and easy to operate via the Gira G1.

The cable-based solution for the intelligent home: KNX

Gira offers solutions with a high level of consistency, because their individual components are synchronised with each other – both technically and optically. The technology is controlled by a central server. This can be the Gira HomeServer, a type of on-board computer that has been a continuous success in the market in the last 20 years. An alternative is now available especially for single-family homes: the Gira X1. This compact server can do everything that is necessary and useful in a smart home: control of lighting, blinds and temperature.


Control on-site and from a distance: the Gira X1 app

It can be operated not only from anywhere inside the building, but also from a distance – with the Gira X1 app. This app for iOS and Android turns existing devices such as Smartphones or tablets into operating terminals for intelligent building technology. The intuitive interface of the Gira X1 app visualises the KNX installation of a single-family house and provides access to its functions: dimming, switching on and off, roller blinds, shutters, heating control, value input, scenery, timers and much more. Pictures taken by surveillance cameras can also be retrieved “live”.

Gira X1 app on a smartphone
Gira X1 app – mobile control for the intelligent home
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Permanently installed multi-talent: Gira G1

In addition to mobile control of the smart home, many house owners wish to have a fixed operating terminal. The entire KNX building technology can be controlled via Gira G1. In combination with other devices, Gira G1 also becomes the home station for door communication. When the doorbell rings, the appliance switches automatically to the door intercom mode. With the touch of a finger, communication starts, the door opens, or the light is switched on as required.

The high-resolution multitouch display uses the same interface as the Gira X1 app, with a user-friendly system of icons, large font and easy-to-understand symbols. This allows all control functions to be operated intuitively by the touch of a finger or a gesture – more easily than ever before.

Picture of Gira X1 and Alexa
Alexa is connected securely with Gira X1 via Gira S1. Now Alexa is ready to receive your commands and you can control your house with your voice.

Secure remote access to the smart home: data security

When talking about the smart home today, we cannot ignore the issue of data security. This is the most decisive reason why critical users have reservations about smart technologies. But this concern is no longer valid, as Gira can reliably encode the communication with its S1 remote access module. This module guarantees that users can communicate with their KNX Smart Home simply and securely from outside the house. Gira S1 supports not only remote control of the entire KNX Smart Home, but also remote servicing with optimal protection for the first time. As the server for the Gira appliance portal is located in Germany and thus subject to German privacy legislation, compliance with German data privacy standards is ensured.

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