Gira: Modular system design for limitless possibilities

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When designing rooms, not only is a great deal of creativity required, but also an understanding of the needs of the users and the structural conditions - so that all components ultimately create a harmonious overall picture. Particularly in the planning phase, it is therefore important to select suitable details that both offer the required functions and perfectly match the defined color and material concept - a task that often becomes a challenge.

Uniform basis for maximum variety

This is exactly where the Gira System 55 comes in: a well thought-out modular system that gives planners and architects maximum flexibility and freedom in the design of their projects. The number 55 stands for uniform basic dimensions of 55 x 55 mm - for all functional inserts. Thanks to the compatibility of the Gira System 55 with eight Gira design lines, a frame design can be selected flexibly without having to forego certain functions. In total, there are over 90 frame designs to choose from.

Over 300 functions

A large number of inserts with different functions can be integrated into a single frame. Whether inserts for light control, blind control, heating control, motion detectors, socket outlets or mains connection - thanks to over 300 function inserts, Gira offers maximum design freedom and the option of adapting the function of details to individual requirements - completely independently of the design.

Design lines to match the furnishing style

Round or square? Flush-mounted or surface-mounted? Depending on the concept, you can combine the functional inserts with frames from various design lines, such as Gira Studio, Gira E2, Gira Esprit and many others, and thus implement the planned design approach holistically.

Large selection of colors and materials

There is also a wide choice of colors and materials. Classic stainless steel or glass are ideal for timeless furnishing concepts, while stylish accents can be created with elegant bronze. Natural materials such as linoleum multiplex or recycled materials are suitable for particularly sustainable concepts.

Planning without compromise

Thanks to this great variety, you no longer have to make any compromises when planning rooms. For example, if your color and material concept is based on light colors and naturalness, while light switches and USB connections are required at the same time, you can easily implement both requirements with Gira. Simply select a suitable design line such as Gira Esprit linoleum multiplex and the corresponding function insert - and you can round off the room with perfect details. With the Gira System 55, you enjoy maximum design freedom with unlimited combination options!

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