Geometry meets fashion: extraordinary garments

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Whether circles, squares, rectangles or triangles – they all seem to have found a new calling rather distant from mathematics in the collections of the 07A fashion label. Once spread out flat, every one of these clothes is transformed into one or several geometric shapes which, due to their precision, seemingly elude their actual function as a dress, a pair of trousers or a shirt for the moment.

Two models in extraordinary garments

Limitation as freedom

The founder and inventor of this extraordinary fashion label is Sinisa Dragojlovic, who already experimented with flat structures, geometries and the transformation from 2D into 3D during his studies at various fashion schools in Milan – always with regards to his passion for fashion. While working for various fashion labels, the designer developed ideas for clothes whose designs were based on geometries. In 2015, he established his own fashion label exclusively based on this conceptional approach.

Totally independent of trends, styles or other guidelines from the world of fashion, the distinctive character of these garments from 07A is determined by three vital aspects. As Dragojlovic works exclusively with the basic geometric forms, this leads to what seems to be a kind of creative limitation, which he himself, however, sees as a positive challenge and creative freedom. Moreover, the garments are perfectly flat and extremely thin when spread out – neither seams, double layer for a neckband or sleeve band, nor unevenness interrupts the perfection, which is only made possible by special high-tech processes.

Person with a black dress
 Cut overview of the black dress
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Special technique

A special adhesive technique known as tape-bonding technology and a type of laser technology both ensure that the garments need not be sewn or cut out. And the materials are thermally pre-treated to make sure that nothing ripples, crumples or sticks out. This protects them from the extreme heat the tape bonding process generates. For Sinisa Dragojlovic, this is a matter really close to his heart, since the textiles must be truly impeccable so that they can optimally present their inherent geometry. 

Unimaginable diversity

Seven collections have been created since the foundation of the fashion label, which were showcased at the Paris Fashion Week. The eighth collection will appear in the autumn of this year. But not every one of these collections is always based on a new theme or a new idea – instead, it is a further development on the basis of what already exists. So the first collection was made of jersey and featured the geometric shape of the circle for the most part. The subsequent collections became more and more complex and their geometries as well. Rectangles and circles, squares and triangles merge and are sometimes found together in the same garment, circles within circles become armholes and head openings. Sinisa Dragojlovic also uses a great variety of materials, ranging from synthetic fabrics to premium-quality cashmere.

Model in red
Top view of the red fashion

When the function hides

The first three collections were presented in their flat, geometric forms – far away from the traditional and from the obvious. Draped as a circle or triangle, suspended from the ceiling or spread out on the floor, the emphasis lay exclusively on the form of the garment. Its function as a piece of clothing remained hidden at first. In contrast to the current common practice of “fast fashion”, this slows down the process of fashion consumption. Customers must come close to the product, explore it and discover it, so that triangles, rectangles, squares and circles finally become what Dragojlovic has created them for – perfectly shaped fashion.

Striped garment Edition 07
Person with striped garment
Overview of the striped garment

Photography: Joris Haas

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