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The architectonic freedom of pure forms with EDITION 90 by KEUCO

 Toilet paper holder with toilet paper, next to it are black glasses

EDITION 90 from KEUCO merges the round with the square in an opulent symphony of form, marked by a conscious use of materials. The clarity of the design language found in the 90 degree angle is reflected consistently throughout the entire collection of bathroom elements – from fittings and accessories to washbasin, furniture and light mirrors. Developed by the renowned Tesseraux + Partner design agency in Potsdam, EDITION 90 presents unique and luxurious bathroom worlds.


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The design of KEUCO’s EDITION 90 fittings uses a language that is clear and consistent. The visual statement of the design is consistently “square on round”. The design of the fittings is marked by precise contours and brilliant chrome surfaces. A range of fittings is available which includes a single-lever mixer for the washbasin, a wall spout fitting in various sizes, and a three-hole basin mixer.

A consistent distinctive design element of the chrome-plated accessories is the square shape on the round wall elements. KEUCO stands for stylish accessories which also have a reputation for being genuine everyday heroes. Clothed in the opulent style of EDITION 90 the clever functionality of the accessories turns every bathroom into a superbly designed living space.


Adjustable shower head arm:
always at the perfect angle

Even the shower head comprises the perfect blend of round and square shapes. With its uniform rain pattern, the large, round shower head ensures a sensuous showering experience. A clever wall mounting system is a great help for professionals regarding with uneven walls and different installation options: A flexible joint on the wall-mounted shower head, it is possible to adjust the shower head to the right position and can be positioned in an exact horizontal position without a great deal of effort, thus presenting a picture of uncompromising beauty in the shower.

Enjoy the freedom of beautifully designed solo pieces

The uniqueness of EDITION 90: Washbasins and furniture are like soloists that can be shaped into harmonious compositions to reflect your personal taste and preferences. They can be used completely independently of one another, with a choice of sizes and positioning, no matter which spacing.
So EDITION 90 offers enormous freedom for creative design, with the ability to flexibly arrange the solitary pieces to suit your needs.

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The luxurious design of the wall-mounted ceramic washbasin in white or slate grey includes an integrated trap in the washbasin which cannot be seen from the front, and a slender slot drain that is practically invisible.

 Washbasin faucet on the white sink

There is a large variety of solitary furniture pieces to mix and match with. The bathroom furniture is available either as a wall-mounted version, with base, or as a more modern version with legs. Genuine wood veneers and textured lacquers with matt or gloss finish radiate elegant comfort. Cover plates made of glass or ceramic with a marble or slate finish are available for the side units as a tasteful upgrade.



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