A foray through the golden city of Prague #places

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Places can affect us, create a certain atmosphere that remains for a long time, and give us new impressions. What is a city like? Where does this feeling come from, the effect that you feel in the city? In our #places section, we take you to the European capitals – to introduce you to places, personalities, buildings that reflect the city in all its facets. Let’s go to … Prague! 

Skyline Prague with lighting and the river Vltava in the foreground

#places: Prague

Country: Czech Republic
Inhabitants: ca. 1,3 Million
Area: 496 km2
Famous Landmark: Charles Bridge


The entire historical center of the Czech capital is UNESCO World Heritage. Here you can find the most famous sights: the Prague Castle with the St. Vitus Cathedral, the Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square with Tyn Church, Ungelt, City Hall and Astronomical Clock. The old town is characterized by picturesque streets, a variety of churches and historic, often Romanesque and Gothic buildings. On the other side, the Renaissance and Baroque are omnipresent. Prague is also famous for its Art Nouveau buildings and typical Czech Cubist architecture.

Dancing House
View of the Vltava, where a ship is sailing.


The modern construction includes as important examples, among others, the Werkbund settlement Prague with the Villa Müller by Adolf Loos and Frank Gehry's "Dancing House". It is located directly on the banks of the Vltava and was designed by the renowned architect in the early 90s. Since it was completed in 1996, it contrasts with its surrounding Art Nouveau buildings. Colloquially, the house is also called Ginger and Fred, after the American Dream Dance Couple of the Golden Twenties - because the building is reminiscent of a dancer in a glass pleated dress, which nestles to the man. In 1997, the American magazine "The Times" honoured the building with its design award.

Address: Jiráskovo nám. 1981/6, 120 00 Nové Město, Prague

The Café from the outside with sign on the house wall
The Teahouse Dobrá Čajovna is the perfect place for abreak.
A golden tray with teapots and cups
Various teas, served in pretty jugs and cups.


From the famous, overcrowded Wenceslas Square a small lane, rather a passage between the houses, leads a few meters away from the hustle and bustle to the tea house Dobrá Čajovna, where a huge selection of tea is available. Each tea is described in detail and served in one of the many cozy corners. Not only the portfolio of tea, but also the great variety of jugs and cups are inspiring. Here, in this little hidden gem in the middle of the capital, you can indulge in idleness for hours. If you are hungry, just order a few of the delicious little treats that are on the menu. After a relaxing break, you are ready to go back into the big city jungle.

Address: Dobrá Čajovna, Vaclavske Namesti 14, Prague

Terrace of the Restaurant Piknik Park right on the water


The Kampa is located between the canal Čertovka (Devil's Creek) and the Vltava River and borders the Charles Bridge. Other sights such as the historic watermill or the narrowest street of the city are very close. The restaurant "Piknik Park" with its idyllic terrace and often with live music is picturesquely located directly on the canal. Here you can enjoy a wonderful atmosphere, delicious food and wonderful tea. The service is very friendly and nice, the place is quiet. The prices are upscale, but absolutely reasonable.

Address: Nosticova 8, Malá Strana, Prague

Interesting Places:

Live music is also played at the AghaRTA jazz club, which offers a real jazz cellar atmosphere and world-class musical performances. The club, located near the Old Town Ring, has been open every day since the early 1990s and is responsible for the AghaRTA Prague Jazz Festival, which has featured celebrity such as Pat Metheny, Chick Corea, Candy Dulfer, Maceo Parker and Diana Krall. The jazz cellar opened on September 29, 1991, one day after the death of jazz legend Miles Davis. AghaRTA is the name of one of his most important albums.

Address: Železná 16, 100 00 Staré Město, Prague


© Londo Mollari, Jazz group at AghaRTA, CC BY-SA 2.0
John-Lennon-Wall with colorful Graffitis
© Jerzy Strzelecki, Lennon Wall(2015-05-02)(js), CC BY-SA 3.0

The John Lennon Wall is also nearby, which was actually a normal old town wall. Only after John Lennon was shot in 1980, someone drew his portrait on the wall and over time more and more pictures were added. Also quotes and Beatles lyrics were painted on the wall and it has become a colorful piece of art. In 1988, young people wrote complaints about the government on the Wall and hundreds of students and the police clashed on the Charles Bridge. This movement was called Lennonism later on. And even after the wall had been painted over with white color for several times, new drawings and pictures were created, so that today it is not only a memorial to the musician, but also a memorial to peaceful rebellion and freedom of expression. By the way: John Lennon himself has never been to the Czech capital.

Address: Velkopřevorské náměstí, Prague

Trdelník with strawberries and cream
classic Trdelník during preparation

Sweet treats

At every corner in Prague you can buy the sweet street food Trdelník to take away. The variety of fillings knows hardly any limits. In the classic version, the Trdelník is covered only with sugar, which is already a real treat. The calorie-full piece may be enough for two people and is eaten for breakfast. If you like it more opulent, you will also get filled ones, for example with ice cream and chocolate sauce or cream and strawberries. Since Trdelník is made by hand, it happens that you have to wait a bit.

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