Swimming in the historic center – a new „Flussbad“ for Berlin

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This vision could soon become reality when the unused Spree channel in the heart of Berlin is transformed into a 750 metre long swimming pool between Schlossplatz and Bode Museum.

View of the Spree River in Berlin, Museum buildings and the TV Tower

The architectural group realities:united wants to create with their project a location, where tourists as well as residents can relax, enjoy the sun and go swimming during the summer months.

The aim of the project is to divide the Spree channel into three sections with different atmosphere, function and use: The part of the channel, situated at the fisher island, is to become an ecological regeneration zone for flora and fauna. In additon to that a pedestrian bridge on the water will invite the visitor to explore the channel. Between Gertraudenbrücke and the Department for Foreign Affairs a plant filter provides the purification of the water, so that swimming in the channel is possible.

The idea of a „Flussbad“ in Berlin came first up in 1997 and was honored with the Holcim Award for Europe in 2011. Besides the vision to create a swimming pool in the channel the architect Jan Edler believes that the project can also have broader benefits: „I hope the Flussbad will also spur discussion about pollution in the river, so that the entire Spree River can be restored to health one day.“

The opening of the „Flussbad“ is intended to be in 2019.

A render picture of a future view in Berlin with a Spree River Channel
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