Meetingpoint Venice 2023: We say thank you!

It has already been more than two months since our renowned Meetingpoint in Venice became the international get-together of the architecture scene. High Time to say thank you - for your numerous attendance, the lively conversations and the inspiring togetherness! As a result, our Meetingpoint was a great success and we are very pleased with the positive response. It was a pleasure for us to exchange ideas together, to discover new perspectives, to network and to enjoy the time in this impressive ambience to the fullest!

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Of course, the three companies Gira, KEUCO and TRILUX are still there for you after the Meetingpoint. The dedicated external sales teams are always available to support you with their expertise, answer questions and advise you on your project.

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Since it was so nice: Impressions from the BERÜHRUNGSPUNKTE Meetingpoint 2023

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