London home extensions

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The property prices are enormous, and the houses are usually small. Without any question London has the perfect conditions for a lively extension and conversion culture.

While 20 years ago architects might have been embarrassed to talk about their extension work, or saw it as a platform to help get them bigger projects, today there are studios that have built their businesses up around domestic architecture.

3 pictures of home extensions in London
Left: Space Group Architects, middle: Alma-nac, right: Poulsom Middlehurst

This change is being fuelled by a growing appreciation for contemporary design among the UK public. Coupled with the growing difficulty of finding affordable land in the capital, has created a demand for architects that can come up with creative solutions for extending up, down or out.

„You used to get quite a few people who would say they didn’t want anything different from the house they’d got, they only wanted more space.“
Architect Jerry Tate
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