London Design Festival 2019

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London Design Festival celebrates and promotes London as the design capital of the world. The Festival returns to venues and institutes across the city from 14-22 September 2019.

Discover the fascinating world of design at the London Design Festival 2019. The festival spans over a week in various locations in London. It offeres free exhibitions, events and lectures on design.

Numerous projects and installations are planned as extraordinary concepts within this period, are realized in the streets of London and assume design forms. It is the intention that good design has the power to create places where people want to be and where they want to spend time. Cafes, boutiques and spaces whose boundaries disappear within the context of nature, experience and design, also invite you to linger to find the framework for intense exchange and conversation.

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Sea ThingsA new installation by Sam Jacob Studio highlighting the need to rethink the global plastics system; to consider its full lifetime journey; and to design future-use into every product. This installation for London Design Festival follows the recent announcement that Sam Jacob Studio has been selected to transform the Cromwell Road entrance.

Titled Sea Things, the concept will take the form of a large scale two-way mirrored cube suspended above visitors with an animated motion graphic internally reflected to an infinity that seems both as wide as the ocean and as large as the challenges we face. The project has an aim to evoke a powerful sense of emotion, so visitors come away feeling empowered with a better understanding of their role alongside technology and design to make the world a more sustainable place.

Address: Victoria and Albert Museum, Cromwell Road, London, SW7 2RL

Bamboo (竹) Ring: Weaving into Lightness

Visit Kengo Kuma's experiment in the concept of weaving. Bamboo Ring is an experiment in the concept of weaving, one of the interests explored by Kengo Kuma - who has most recently designed the V&A Dundee, his first building in the UK, along with the New National Stadium for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and the Great (Bamboo) Wall house in China.

Address: The John Madejski Garden, London



Studio MICAT, There Project and Proud Studio present an installation exploring degrowth and life beyond consumerism. Exploring issues of over-consumption, the Non-Pavilion creates a space in its most minimal sense, inviting visitors to engage with the idea of ‘less’ as an enrichment rather than a loss. Drawing on the beauty and simplicity of Swiss Baugespanne – the poles, rods and wires erected to help the public visualise the impact of a proposed development – the minimalist structure serves as a symbol of our need to produce less and instead engages audiences through digital activations. Using Augmented Reality technology, the installation will come to life through a series of digital pavilions by Leon Chew, Arne Hendricks, Leo Murray, LucienneRoberts+, Michael Schoener and Radical Norms, aiming to challenge society’s over-consumerism and consumption.

Address: The Sackler Courtyard, London

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