KEUCO PLAN cosmetic mirror

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Utmost flexibility

With around 450 products, PLAN is the most comprehensive accessories collection of the premium brand KEUCO. The collection offers a wide range of products for private bathrooms as well as for hotels and commercial bathrooms of all kinds, including a barrier-free bathroom design.

The cosmetic mirror is at the top of the scale for popular everyday beauty care accessories, both at home or in a hotel.   Thanks to innovative joint technology, the KEUCO PLAN cosmetic mirror is perfectly attuned to the wishes of the viewer. The double-sided mirroring - with single mirroring and fivefold magnification - and the slim, elegant design leave nothing to be desired. The cosmetic mirror is available in shiny chrome, aluminium finish and elegant matt black.

You can twist and turn it however you want: more flexibility is not possible. The PLAN cosmetic mirror shines above all with its sophisticated joint technology, so that it can be flexibly adjusted to three dimensions. The mirror can be optimally adjusted in height, to the side and in inclination. It's elegant handle allows it to be turned and swivelled in all directions without touching the mirror surface. The extremely solid wall mounting and the high quality have made the cosmetic mirror an indispensable companion in the bathroom for many years. The robust joint technology makes it a perfect accessory, even for frequent use, such as in hotel bathrooms. This particularly attractive and useful PLAN accessory enhances existing and new bathrooms: a cosmetic mirror that can be mounted anywhere you need a mirror with magnification.

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