IXMO_solo: Maximal function concealed

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The hidden features are often the most important part. What already impresses us on the outside is sensational in its hidden parts. IXMO_solo from KEUCO is a genuine functional wonder: the impressive little module is characterised by its intelligent combination of innovative technology and minimalist design.


IXMO_solo Thermostat

Visibility of minimalist aesthetics. Maximal function concealed.

Product design has many aspects when it comes to the KEUCO technology. The aspiration is holistic: creating a design icon while adding relevant improvements to a product at the same time. The IXMO_solo thermostat represents a systematic thought through approach to the basic “less can do more” principle. Thanks to innovative technology, the fitting uniquely combines thermostat, stop valve, and a wall outlet for the shower hose, all functions in only one module. Operating it is easy and can be grasped intuitively. This makes the new IXMO_solo thermostat the perfect solution for both hotel and private bathrooms.

Following the general trend towards minimalist shower solutions, the IXMO shower holder also fulfils all requirements in terms of minimalist bathroom design. This perfectly formed element offers ergonomic support and secure attachment in several different positions.

True greatness lies hidden 

The flow of water is regulated at the front, the temperature at the back, and the hose connection is integrated. Because there is only one element on the wall conducting the water, you have more freedom of design and considerably less installation work. The extremely small minimum installation depth of 65 mm makes it well suited especially for installation in thin walls or smooth retrofitting in the course of modernisation. Thanks to intelligent depth compensation, the installation depth can be adjusted steplessly and flexibly between 65 and 95 mm. Since only a single basic element must be built in, the installation is astonishingly simple and quick. The flushing unit with a blocking device for the shell construction phase is integrated in the basic element, and so is a device for reversed water connections. This ensures safe installation in every possible case. Advantages appreciated by professionals.

Built-in intelligence of the IXMO_solo thermostat
IXMO_solo with square wall bracket profile
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The little sensation for the shower

A unique design: Projecting out only 100 mm and with round or square rosettes with diameters or edge lengths of only 90 mm, the IXMO_solo thermostat is impressively small and fits in any bathroom. The three IXMO_solo finishes of lustrous chrome, matt aluminium or high quality stainless steel open up enormous freedom of design and offer even more potential combinations to suit individual taste. By combining innovative technology with excellent design, the IXMO_solo thermostat is an impressive addition to the IXMO family.

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