Experience VierJahreszeiten in the heart of nature: KEUCO as part of a nature-oriented hotel concept

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The Hotel VierJahreszeiten is idyllically situated on the edge of the forest city of Iserlohn, the gateway to the Sauerland. The hotel is located right next to the city’s forests. Business and private travellers alike appreciate the quiet location in the midst of nature. The architecture and interior design – conceived by the renowned interior designers of JOI-Design in Hamburg – vividly echo the natural surroundings of fields and forests. This is especially evident in the interior of the hotel, from the lobby to the spacious restaurant area, to the suites, rooms and bathrooms.

The nature-oriented concept applied consistently throughout the hotel works well, and was adopted for the interiors of the new rooms and suites. Plenty of wood and warm tones lend the rooms a cosy atmosphere while large windows offer a view of the surrounding countryside. The excellent quality of the furnishings and the care and attention taken in selecting them are evident at every turn. The mellow character continues in the contemporary bathrooms. Indirect lighting, large tiles and plenty of counter space provide the perfect backdrop for the KEUCO fittings and accessories to exhibit their remarkable design features.  

The Hotel VierJahreszeiten employs high-quality materials and excellent design in its furnishings. The immaculate surfaces and extraordinary design of KEUCO fittings and accessories meet this standard, as do their dependable quality. KEUCO can be relied upon even for heavy-duty use. The Hemer-based bathroom furnishings producer also offers extensive spare parts management and long availability guarantees – important considerations for the upscale hotel industry. 

The IXMO wall fitting looks superb on washbasins. Guests are impressed by its rectilinear design and it is also popular among hotel staff. With only one element on the wall, it requires little effort to clean. The iLook_move cosmetic mirror is a favourite element in every hotel bathroom. The flexible hinge technology, enlarged mirror surface and surrounding LED lighting make it highly practical for the hotel guest. On the PLAN towel hook, towels dry at a distance from the washbasin. 

IXMO fittings are used for the shower and bath. Reduction is the operative word here – both in design and functionality. These impressive little elements combine functions so effectively that only few elements are necessary on the wall. A very practical feature, especially in hotels. Depending on the room category, the fittings include either a large head shower or the KEUCO luminaire with integrated shower head. The luminaire with integrated shower head perfectly combines light and water, turning the shower into an experience for the senses. In the suite with sauna, the waterfall shower and SPA hose from KEUCO can be operated with the IXMO fittings.

The WC is located in a separate room, where the guest is greeted with an overhead treetop view. KEUCO accessories ensure toilet paper and brush are ready to hand. The toilet paper holder with integrated shelf provides space for the contents of the guest's pockets. 

In the accessible bathrooms – which are only recognizable as such at second glance – guests profit from IXMO fittings combined with the PLAN CARE rail system in the shower, offering a sense of security and supportive comfort. At the washbasin, the iLook_move can also be used while sitting, thanks to its flexible hinge. The IXMO sensor fitting is activated contactlessly. With the vanity unit open, guests can sit comfortably in front of the KEUCO washbasin or run a wheelchair under it.

In the midst of the Sauerland countryside at the Hotel VierJahreszeiten, equipped with bathroom furnishings from KEUCO, design and nature enthusiasts certainly get their money’s worth. 

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