Christmas gifts for architects

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Architects are often very particular, usually with a clear idea of ​​taste, design, and beauty. Therefore it can be very difficult, to choose the right present for an architect.

Concrete hanging lamp

Architects, designers, purists watch out: this concrete hanging lamp will definitely pleae you ... the gray concrete lamp gives every room a special atmosphere. The gold plated inside of the lamp gives a warm, pleasant light. Each lamp is handmade and therefore unique.

Guggenheim in Lego Box
Panton Chairs around a table

Guggenheim Museum in LEGO

The museum consists of 208 LEGO parts and features the "Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum", the Museum of Modern Art in New York City founded in 1939.


Panton Chair and Table mini

Verner Panton chairs with table true the original in scale 1:25. A real classic that will find a place of honor on every architect's desk.

Book: My Favourite Chair

Prominent architects, designers and other creatives reveal their stories, photos and sketches around their favorite seats. On a Vespa, a bistro chair, in their favorite bar or on a Panton Chair? Exciting, surprising and inspiring at the same time. An interesting book that not only invites you to browse and discover but also inspires your own ideas.

black turtleneck pullover
salt and pepper shaker in screws

Black turtleneck

For the winter season: a black turtleneck sweater - of which an architect can not have enough ... to finally use a cliché.


Biegsie screws - salt and pepper shakers

These salt & pepper shakers by Peter Rohr, Markus Roling and Volker Zitzmann are clad as two stainless steel screws and let out their content as soon as they are bent.

Excavator cup

With the excavator cup you dig yourself into the heart of every architect, because in it the coffee on the construction site tastes twice as good! The cup in the form of a miniature excavator bucket is dishwasher safe, heat resistant and unbreakable, because it is made of plastic. The piece is produced in small series in Germany and Austria. Make your coffee break an experience and sip your hot drink from the bucket!


Book: What Architects Cook Up

In this cookbook well-known architects - including Mario Cucinella, Kengo Kuma, Dominique Perrault and Amandus Sattler - reveal their favorite dishes and the references to their architecture and their person. Some of the dishes are prepared by the architects together with professional chefs - numerous pages in the book document these exciting cooking events. A total of 30 selected recipes are presented in detail in German and English with full-page photos. Each recipe complements a portrait of the architect with personal statements on cooking, eating, drinking and architecture.

USB Stick made of concrete

The stylish USB flash drive made of concrete is not just for architects, but sure for every lover of simple aesthetics! Sharp edges and the velvety surface of concrete, these are the features of this trendy accessory. You can choose the USB stick with 16GB storage capacity in light concrete, possibly even matching your PC or iMac. A great gift for the minimalists among us!

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