Boutique Hotels

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The first boutique hotels were established in major cities such as New York City, San Francisco and London in the 1980s.

A house row with a black Hotel

Many of them attracted attention because famous interior designers and architects had done their furnishing. Celebrity stylist Anouska Hempel for example designed the Blake hotel in South Kensington, London in 1981. In the next decades, many tourist-oriented cities developed accommodations with similar concepts – in Paris, Barcelona, ​​Berlin or Marrakech, later on islands and in alpine resorts such as Mallorca, Santorini or Graubünden.

In the field of large hotels, design and art hotels were created. In ​​smaller hotelthe concept „boutique hotel“ counts nowadays: an oasis of peace, a jewel, individual, unique, small, fine, personal, intimate and charming.

Many boutique hotels introduce different themes in each guestroom, making every single stay unique, even for their repeat guests. For example, the Library Hotel in New York City offers a different theme (from romance to music) in every guestroom.

Many hotel owners are revitalizing older hotels, repositioning them as boutique properties. While true modernism and newly born design generally become „hip“ in no time, it is usually those properties that succeed in combining historic details with chic elegance that outlast the fads.

Title image: Blake hotel South Kensington, London

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