Best architecture board games

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Do you love to spend time playing board games? Are you an architect, an interior designer, an engineer, an urban planner or simply an architecture enthusiast? We will suggest you a list of some of the best architecture board games. Let's start with the Skyline Chess - New York City Edition, bringing the iconic architecture of New York City to your chess board:

Skyline Chess

Modern Architecture Game

Playing is knowing. Test your knowledge of the greatest architects, their famous buildings and legendary quotes. Insights in the world’s most famous architects, buildings and trends of the Western architecture, all through the roll of a dice. The goal is simple: To reach the heart of the board before anyone else. This is done by moving your way through questions in six categories: Visuals, Architect, Project, Style, Influence and Quote.

The board is made out of a construction drawing and the game pins are miniatures of six famous buildings. Wearing Le Corbusier’s’ glasses isn’t only for the spectacle but also keeps the player at turn from reading the answers on the game card. Form follows function. The initial version of the board game, was the first project collaboration involving the four partners of NEXT architects. A decade later, a revised version came on the market, including questions that “range across the breadth of modern world history”, allowing a broad and international group of architecture enthusiasts to test their architectural knowledge.

Build me

Build me is a board game conceived to play on the construction theme and the risks. To win the game, players (architects or futur architects) have to assemble like they want 16 pieces to construct their building and to put the card "end of construction". The construction can take the shape of a tower or like your imagination can create! But be careful, other players, also architects, are going to finish building before you and to stop you. Be quick, smart and creative! This game allows a pleasure moment in family, a game spends about 40 minutes. Build me if you can!

The Good Architect

Bring architectural history of the Western world to your tabletop. Play to assemble the most cohesive building, collecting items from architecturally significant eras and styles from the Pre-Industrial Age such as Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, Greece, and the Renaissance! Boost your craftsmanship, material quality, and building’s propriety. Create combinations using your items to increase your score while fighting off your competitors. Notable archaeologists help uncover things once lost. Navigate demanding clients, natural disasters, and influential historic architects wanting to make their mark on your project. Mount Vesuvius erupts, a plague wipes out your workforce, Michelangelo contributes to your design, anything can happen! The one who can maneuver these obstacles and create the best building is, until the next round, the good architect.


Iconic is a card game conceived like an invitation to discover contemporary architecture through a well-known game: seven family card game. Presented projects are realized in the entire world by symbolic people from architecture and propose eclectic of this discipline. Classified in 8 families of spectacle programs and event, house, tower, culture religion and housing, museum and bridges. These realizations have been selected for their diversity, architectural, technical and cultural aspects but also for their propensity to be easily identified.

Architectural Engineering

Soaring spires, towering arches, fascinatingly complex curves and angles - not only for kids and teenagers! Build your foundation in architectural design with this STEM experiment kit that explores the engineering principles behind planning and developing buildings and structures. Through model building exercises you play the role of architect and engineer as you piece together an array of models, from small, basic structural elements like trusses, arches, and domes, to giant complex models of real-world buildings. Try recreating some of the world's most interesting buildings! With 20 guided model builds, you can construct stadiums, skyscrapers, a ferris wheel, and more.

By getting hands-on with these exercises, you’ll develop an understanding of how architectural engineers apply scientific principles to their designs and how the buildings and structures of the 21st century push materials and engineering to the limits. The 44-page, full-color manual guides your journey while encouraging independent exploration. What is the tallest tower, the most voluminous dome, or the longest bridge you can build with the modular building pieces? How will you use what you learn to further your architectural journey?


A thriving metropolis full of marvellous architecture, canals and harbours. One of these is “Nyhavn” (new harbour), famous for the colourful gable houses along the waterfront. The player’s task is to model the new facades so that they will fit in seamlessly with the gorgeous harbour setting. With the help of cards players take facade-tiles that they use to embellish their own houses. By building over specific spaces and whole floors they gain additional abilities for the rest of the game. Floors that entirely consists of windows are very desirable, because they earn the player many points. The player who most cleverly builds their fasade-tiles and uses their abilities to the full potential will be the winner of the game.

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