arKItecture - How do you envisage your dream home of the future?

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Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly relevant in every industry. To test its abilities in architecture, we asked architects and interior designers about their visions of their dream house of the future.


We then entered the responses into a suitable AI tool that created visuals for each description. From traditional, timeless and minimalistic to futuristic and spectacular, the results are as diverse as they are impressive.

Thorsten Skoetz
BFB Architekten, Zurich, Switzerland:


cinematic still, a huge treehouse, art deco, between two waterfalls, in the jungle, different floors, access for boats and helicopter, animals around, inflatables in the water, 32 k, futuristic, ultrarealistic, cinematic lighting, highly detailed, organic architecture, Giacometti, AR : 16:9, satellite view, raining

Christine Spielvogel
City of Dresden, Germany:


residential house, clinker facade, large post-and-beam construction, on a south-west sloping plot, infinity pool on midlevel, garden with raised beds, photovoltaic system and green roof, eye-level shot, summer, day, photography

Sorana Radulescu
baunetz CAMPUS:


multi-storey, rustic old, with large openings and terraces, an old industrial hall with spacious rooms, concrete or masonry, inner-city, close to a forest or park, 200 squaremeters, 6 meters room height, roof terrace, free space, eye-level-shot, autumn, sunny, photography

Pia A. Döll
DÖLL Innenarchitekturbüro, Frankfurt Main, Germany:


multi-family house, room height 2 storeys, differentiated facade, different materials, diversity is sustainable, multi-storey, natural tones, central in the city, a park in the neighborhood, a river past the house, roof terrace, outdoor areas, herb garden, communal areas, front view, fall, bute leaves, sketch

Prof. Andreas Dierking
AD Architekten, Weinolsheim, Germany:


two mobile, serially produced wooden cubes, wood, Tiny House stands on the edge of a nature reserve in Central Europe, 25–40 squaremeters, Casa Bosco inspired, wide-angle, summer, day, photography

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