arKItecture - Artificial intelligence designs dream homes of the future

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How would you like to live in the future? In a villa on the beach, a bungalow in the countryside or would you prefer a tower block in the centre of the city? There are many different visions of the dream home of the future - including among architects and interior designers.

We asked some of them about their vision for the dream home of the future and used an AI tool to create suitable visualisations. The results are fascinating and show the great potential of artificial intelligence in the field of architecture


Dr. Klaus A. Zugermeier
Architekten Dr. Zugermeier & Partner, Cologne, Germany:


family house, aesthetic and functional appearance, symbioses with the place, natural colors, near water, 150-200 squaremeters, Zaha Hadid inspired, eye-level-shot, summer, day, photography

Hetta Böttger
urbanegestalt, Cologne, Germany:


three storey building, tower like, wood paneling, gable roof without overhang, in the Eifel, on the slope, clean, modern, eye-level-shot, summer, day, photography

Jochen Florian
Kontext Architekten, Hannover, Germany:


house, courtyard structure as an ensemble, main building two storeyed classic house, plain cubature, modern, simple, wooden facade, building forms a courtyard, slightly oversaturated colors, the building embedded in old local structure, open view into the country, children playing everywhere, old trees, wide-angle, spring, day, photography

Andreas R. Becher
Architekt BDA, Berlin, Germany:


hermitage or bower, house, natural materials, clean look, on a slope, view to nature, panorama windows, starry sky, rainbow, photography

Wolfram Putz
GRAFT Architekten, Berlin, Germany:

[Translate to englisch:] © tihe Nosekie Nose


single-storey, fully glazed, aluminum construction, lightweight construction, bivouac box, mountain hut, cantilevered cliffhouse on a vertical mountain face, can only be reached by climbing or via climbing route, black, green roof with medicinal herb garden, house below the summit of a 3000 meter peak, mountain: El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, climbing route "the Nose", portaledge hanging construction on the scale of a house, 60 square meters, cistern pool, designed by graft architects, image from a helicopter flight hovering in front of the wall, sunset, realistic, photography

Matteo Zoche
NOA, Milan, Italy:


a house of the future, we envision it floating or elevated, modular, modern, square, able to react to rapid climate change, completely autonomous in energy efficiency, modular in both exterior and interior, with flexible furniture elements that adapt to spaces, and finally, integrated with abundant greenery, creating a space that is almost a hybrid of inside and outside

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