Architecture Biennale: USA – Ireland – Netherlands

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USA: The Architectural Imagination

„Learning from Detroit“ could be another title for the american exhibition at the Architecture Biennale 2016. Detroit has been a center of American imagination once. In 2013 the city got bankrupt. The curators explore new speculative architectural projects in Detroit standing for the importance and value of the architectural imagination far from financial interest worldwide. The exhibition design is very dense with models, films and pictures on the wall.

Curators: Cynthia Davidson, Monica Ponce de Leon
Commissioner: Monica Ponce de Leon

Ireland: Losing myself

16 projectors standing on four golden feet and each one of them connected to the ceiling with yellow cables draw the experience of people suffering from dementia occupying a building, the Alzheimer’s Respite Centre in Dublin. Dementia erodes the ability to remember where you have come from and to plan where you would like to go – capacities central to the experience of architecture. The project questions conventional architectural representation.

Curator: Yeoryia Manolopoulou
Commissoner: Niall MacLaughlin

Netherlands: Blue

In the dutch exhibition the architecture of “ Peacemaker Camps “ as part of the United Nations missions are studied – Camp Castor in Gao, Mali stands exemplary for these camps. The blue helmets of the UN meet the nomadic Tuaregs, which by their traditional clothing are also known as „blue men“ . This “ blue “ can be found in the entire pavilion – whether from outside or inside . Besides striking statistics that show the development and the change of war in the cities there is a collection of symbolic elements that tell personal stories and experiences of UN peacemakers on their missions .

Curator: Malkit Shooshan
Commissioner: Het Nieuwe Instituut

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