A photographic journey between encounters and self-discovery

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Andreas Teichmann arrived at the northernmost point in Germany. We accompanied the photographer Andreas Teichmann on his hiking tour from South to North Germany!


On his way he gives us exclusive insights into his everyday life, leads us very close and shows us what nobody else can see. We present you the unique pictures in our photo collection. Even more travel impressions and current daily reports you can find in his blog 50 Days.

Sylt - last location at his journey

Around the corner, from high above or down below: The perspectives in our photo collection are always different and always an eye-catcher. Let Andreas Teichmann's exclusive photos take you on a tour of Germany.

Through encounters – whether with humans or animals, nature or architecture – we gain new impressions, broaden our horizon and discover new directions and paths that we can take or leave. Encounters leave traces – sometimes large, sometimes small. Our magazine #36 will be published in October and will focus on the wonderful moment of meeting. Different than usual, we will report digitally instead of analogously and since encounters cannot be planned, we are starting with our photo series in advance. According to its new state, our series is anything but static since our online magazine is constantly updated. Additionally, we will present you the photographic highlight of the previous seven days once a week.

„Nur wo du zu Fuß warst, bist du auch wirklich gewesen.“ – You've only been there if you've walked there.

Once a week, we will show you the highlight motif of the last seven days. Lonely, weird, wild or picturesque – but always exciting: our favourite photos are published right here in XL size.

North Sea coast at dusk
Day 51: Sylt - the journey ends at the sea!

Andreas Teichmann is a German photographer and a passionate traveler. In order to refresh his own perception, to sharpen his senses, to “decelerate” and to explore his homeland from a perspective that hopefully holds many encounters in store, Andreas Teichmann embarks on a journey across Germany: from South to North, 1,400 km, 50 days, on foot. He previously went on a similar trip in 2017, hiking from West to East Germany. Always with him is his camera. POINTS of contact will accompany him on his exciting adventure for about two months and document his journey through his Making-of pictures taken along the way. You will find a larger selection of professional photos on Andreas Teichmann's homepage and on his Instagram channel.

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