10 novels that are set in Venice

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Can you guess what novels it is?

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I love reading about Venice. It’s a good way to daydream about the city when I’m not there and I wish I was. Reading almost turns into watching an imaginary movie as I recognize the surroundings, buildings or streets and I follow the characters in their story. It’s also a very fun way to discover new things in Venice. I have often stepped in the footsteps of these fictive characters on our trips to Venice: I know where they live, work or died, I have eaten in the same restaurants or I visited their favourite places. Says Katia (The Venice Insider).

Do you have the same feelings while reading about Venice? Do you want to learn more about this myterious city before you visit our Meeting Point for architects in May?

On the website below a selection of 10 novels that are set in Venice is listed.

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