KEUCO Fittings for the washbasin: Quality and design in perfection

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Fittings play a decisive role in every bathroom. They significantly contribute to a perfect bathroom design, no doubt a design statement at the washbasin. When it comes to daily use, they have to prove their functionality and long-lasting quality, again and again - especially at the washbasin. No other part of the bathroom is used more often.

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KEUCO has been developing and producing designer fittings in first-class brand quality since 2002. KEUCO fittings, made in Germany, stand for flawless looks and outstanding quality. The fittings are manufactured at the headquarters in Hemer, Westphalia – right from the design through to the finished product. 

One of KEUCO's special core competencies is surface processing. This is the step in the process where innovative technology with fully automatic robots is used, combined with traditional manual work for detailed finishing touches. KEUCO has one of the most modern electroplating plants in the sanitary industry, in which the excellent chrome finishes are created in a special, three-stage process. The end result is perfection in design and function, using first-class workmanship, resulting in a long-lasting quality of KEUCO products.

KEUCO fittings in a variety of design languages, refine the bathroom and turn it into something extraordinary. They complete the furnishing concept, set accents and are an eye-catcher in every bathroom. 

Each range of fittings is based on an independent design idea, which KEUCO develops into an overall concept together with renowned designers, such as the design office Tesseraux + Partner, Potsdam. With the aim pushing to the limits of what is feasible in terms of production technology for the design idea; KEUCO creates products that convince discerning customers as well as jury members of renowned design awards. KEUCO - products that are unique and inspire at the same time.

In the end, it is the right fittings for the washbasin, shower and bathtub that transform a bathroom into a very personal living space. KEUCO offers a wide range of fittings in different designs which are perfectly matched to complete bathroom furnishing concepts. No matter which design suits the individual style - bathroom furnishings become a harmonious and stylish unit and at the same time fulfil highest quality standard levels and guarantee ease of use - or even more with KEUCO products.

Fittings as part of a complete concept

Round meets square: EDITION 90 combines round with square. The square is the design element of EDITION 90 SQUARE. The clear design language in the 90-degree angle runs consistently through the complete product range: bathroom fittings, accessories, mirrors, washbasins and bathroom furniture. This creates unique luxurious bathroom worlds for different living styles.




Soft, flowing shapes and a gentle oval characterise the fittings of EDITION 400. They are an essential style element of the complete bathroom furnishings made by KEUCO. A special feature is the adjustable aerator integrated in the outlet, which is not visible from the outside. Different sizes and outlet lengths harmonise with all types of washbasins. 

The EDITION 11 fittings stand for linear contours for a clear, geometric aesthetic. They have an elegant lightness and are available in a wide range of different models as washbasin or wall-mounted fittings. 

Universal range of fittings with matching accessories  


The restrained, slim design of the COLLECTION MOLL gives the single-lever washbasin fitting lightness and timeless beauty that bears the signature of designer Reiner Moll. Brilliant chrome finishes effectively emphasise extreme precision of workmanship. The design language is further reflected in every accessory.

PLAN blue

Diversity reigns in modern bathrooms. If only to support the different architectural approaches in terms of design, KEUCO offers a wide variety of solutions. PLAN blue single lever washbasin fittings in different sizes for washbasins of all types prove just that. PLAN blue washbasin fittings have a timeless and durable design language that harmonises with various furnishing styles and makes them universally applicable, especially in (semi-) public areas. PLAN blue basin fittings contribute to saving water and energy - thanks to a flow restriction of six litres per minute. The comprehensive range for all areas of the bathroom becomes apparent when it comes to PLAN accessories.

Fittings for the complete bathroom: IXMO made by KEUCO


The IXMO wall-mounted spout fitting is a visual and functional highlight, combining spout and single-lever fitting in just one element. Maximum product intelligence behind the minimalist concealed fitting. And thanks to the extremely flat installation body and infinitely variable depth compensation from 70 to 100 mm, installation is extremely simple, fast and flexible for plumber and installer experts. IXMO fittings are available in a uniform minimalist look and as normal, technically compressed form for the entire bathroom: shower, bathtub, washbasin, toilet and shower.

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