GIRA Plug & Light: Simply plug in and switch on

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„Plug & Light“ denotes a light socket outlet onto which lights can be docked – a defined interface which unites power supply and light control.

Gira Plug and light profile with seperated parts

It makes indoor lighting „smart“ and lighting design flexible and simple at the same time. Particularly clever: The light socket outlet automatically detects the docked lights, which are held in the light socket outlet by a magnet. A special lock provides theft protection and also protects against falling, allowing the lights to be mounted on the ceiling.

Plug and light shown in different forms
Black Gira Plug and light shown in a bedroom

In terms of appearance, the light socket outlet matches the design lines from the Gira System 55. It is controlled by a dimmer which ensures flicker-free dimmed light, ranging from dimming to warm dim. Initially, spotlights and floodlights are available as lights. All docked lights can be rotated continuously by 360° and can even be replaced during operation. Even the floodlights match the design lines of the Gira System 55. When switched off, they look like a switch. The spotlights have adjustable glare protection.

„Plug & Light“ guarantees the user a great deal of flexibility for lighting solutions, especially when it comes to light arrangements. They are used primarily in restaurants and hotels as well as shop fitting, in addition to all areas of private living.

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